*fakes a gasp of horror* What?! This site is closing?! YES! Er, too bad!
Well, well, well... NOW YOU VISIT THE SITE! Well, because of the lack of people particitpating and lack of the counter rising, this site is now on the uhm... No-Longer-Updating-But-Still-On-The-Internet thingy type thing... o_O? Yeah, so basically you all can still enter here and have a jolly good time, but no longer will any updates be updated. So enjoy what is Dilandau and hyperness by clicking on...

Sunday, June 22, 2003 ONE AM IN THE MORNING!!
Well, I've been at this site for about four hours how, twinking here and there when I realize "How the hey am I going to handle a job, school and five sites?" And so I realized that though
Dilandau-sama is cool and hot and really trippy, I can no longer devote myself to his every waking need. So with a heavy sigh, I released Dilly-sama from this prison-
And give Kirbster this place to live the rest of her life in.
And leave this site open for all of you to look at. Every page has been updated for the final time, some major updates, others minor. Anyways, enjoy this now never changing site and please, learn to laugh at other's people misfortunes such as getting their houses burned down by insane pyromaniacs with silver hair and red eyes... That was a joke... I think...
<(>.>)>Just go. Save yourself embarrasment.
Alrighty, evil disclaimer time: The pictures I have of Dilandau-sama belong to Stephanie-san (She's awesome!) and some other sites. I forget. Kirbster, my Kirby ( <(^.^)> Hihihihi! ) is mine too. She's just plain mine. I own her. Pictures that aren't mine (FanArt) belong to those people. Be polite and don't steal. Okies, nothing else that comes to mind. Oh, and the bad part. ;_; Dilandau-sama, his Alseides unit, and the DragonSlayers belong to the people who made them. Thanks for reading!
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