A few comments on the stock market:

American Airlines (AMR)..Rating: BUY Transport stocks are beaten down right now because of the high cost of fuel (crude currently at $30 a barrel) AMR is about to sell/spin off its stake in the SABRE travel reservations system....so AMR shareholders will get SABRE stock once the transaction is completed. Current price: 57.6875AMR Quote

Ceridian Corp. (CEN)..Rating:HOLD Ceridian has had some serious customer retention problems in the past year, which I believe are partly due to their Y2K conversion/upgrade policy and pricing structure. Also, there have been serious implementation problems with the Source 500 product. Restructuring in the management ranks and new emphasis on getting a web-enabled solution to market are positives for the future. Current price: 20.00 CEN Quote

Walgreens (WAG)..Rating: BUY Expanding market presence..over 2300 stores and growing..has satellite system allowing any pharmacy quick access to patient records, nationwide. Number one prescription provider to older Americans. Should perform well as baby boomers move toward retirement. P/E is a bit high. I rate this one as a long term accumulate. Current Price: 24.50 WAG Quote

Abbott Laboratories (ABT)..Rating: BUY Pharmaceutical company which has a strong history of earnings and dividend payments. Insiders recently purchased shares at these depressed levels. Currently trades at the lowest P/E ratio in the drug mfg. sector. Current Price: 32.4375 ABT Quote

Updated as of March 4, 2000



The views expressed above are solely the opinion of the author and are in no way a recommendation to buy or sell securities. 1

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