My educational and professional qualifications:

BSc(Physics Honours),  from Calcutta University (Scottish Church College) (1993)
MSc(Physics) from  Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur (1995)
MSc Project title:
``Studies of growth and characterization of cobalt silicide''

PhD (Materials Science) from Indian Institute of Technology -Kharagpur (2001)
(PhD Thesis submitted on 03.04.2000, date of PhD viva / degree award: 17.05.2001)

PhD Thesis title:

"Studies on Gallium Iron Antimonide, a Novel III-V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor"

Research interests :

1. Surface and interface characterization of metal/semiconductor and related device materials in bulk and in in nano-scale structures using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.

2. Crystal growth of interesting compound semiconductor materials (bulk and nanogranular).

3. Synthesis (using different chemical and vapour evaporation methods) & characterization of technologically important materials and related devices using multi-disciplinary analytical techniques like XPS, SIMS, XRD, Raman, SEM, PL, EL,  TEM etc.

4. Study of defects using luminescence techniques.

5. Ion-solid interaction and modifications of surfaces and interfaces using low energy (keV) and high energy (MeV) ions.

6. Magnetic nanostructures and their properties

Experience :

(a) JRF (Aug'95 to July'96) in Raman Research Institute-Bangalore

(b) JRF/SRF (Oct'96 to Aug'99) in Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur on Crystal growth and characterization (In the DAE Project entitled “Investigations on Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors based on III-V Semiconductors”)

(c) Research Experience (January 2001 – October 2001) at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Calle Serrano 144, 28006 Madrid, Spain

(d) Temporary project staff at IIT-Delhi (March-June 2002).

(e) Selected for the CSIR-India Research Asóciateship (Post- Doc) and worked at IIT Delhi (July 2002-September 2003) and after my transfer to NPL from October 2003 to February 2006.

(f) I joined NPL as a regular Scientist-C  from March 2006 onwards.

Professional Courses attended:


i. Physics of Liquid Crystals ii. Mathematical Techniques iii. Project work titled `` AC calorimetry and it's use in Liquid Crystal Studies''.

During PhD

i. Crystal Growth and Characterization
ii. Physics of Semiconductor devices
iii. Semiconductor Technology
iv. German for scientific purposes

Training Programmes Attended:
1.   Labview Basics  and Labview Intermediate, conducted by NI India, New Delhi, 2008
2. Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), IP Estate, New Delhi conducted “7th Foundation Training Program for Scientists and Technologists” (6th August-13th October, 2007)

3..  HRDC (CSIR), Ghaziabad conducted training program on “Project Management Techniques & Practices”, held in March 19-21, 2007
4.   Training program on Laboratory Quality system, Management and internal audit (ISO: 17025),  30th January-3rd February, 2007 conducted by NITS, Noida at NPL, New Delhi
5.  HRDC (CSIR), Ghaziabad conducted Induction training programme for Scientists, 20th- 25th March, 2006
6. A course on Nanotechnology (A satellite program of IWPSD, 2005) by Prof Jay Narayan and Prof Kui Yu-Zhang, 11th December, 2005

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