When two souls believe their love is forever,
the heavens make it so.
Inspirations by Flavia


Jake is 7 months old! He's growing up so fast! He now sits on his own, and can stand holding onto the side of his play yard. Jake is quickly scooting and doing the "army crawl" around the living room. We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of his teeth. You can see at least 4 on the bottom that look like they are going to sprout at any time.

Jake Michael - 12/10/2004 - 8lbs 9oz and 20 inches long!
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Adriana is fast approaching her 13th birthday, and will be entering the 8th grade in September. She sings in the church choir on Sunday mornings and in her school chorus. We're so proud of her. Adriana will be leaving for 3 weeks of camp in the Catskills with her cousin, Alexa. They're going to have a blast!

Here are pictures of all of us with Jake. Here are pictures of our home.

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