NJROTC is a high school program established by Congress in 1964 as part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps Vitalization Act. Congress saw the need for young leaders who would learn and understand the duties of being an US citizen.

      NJROTC is like any other class, including classroom study, homework (basically the care of your issued uniform), and testing. However, the NJROTC program includes other options that each cadet has an opportunity to be involved in. Cadets can participate in the unit drill team, PT team, and they have the opportunity to run for officer positions. Joining NJROTC is a great way to learn more about our nation's military, develop leadership skills, and get a head start on your career in the military (if you want to join the military). Cadets are not required to join, but if they do, they can enlist at a higher pay rate than other new recruits. Cadets may also have help with getting nominations to the Naval Academy or obtaining NROTC scholarships.

      A wide range of subjects are taught in NJROTC, including

      Classes are taught by NSIs (Naval Science Instructors), and SNSIs (Senior Naval Science Instructors). They are retired officers or senior petty officers from the military.

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