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Color Guard Commander C/CPO

Color Guard

Color Guard is the presentation and guarding of the American Flag. There are normally four cadets assigned to a color guard. The first two cadets are called the rifle guards and stand on each side of the flags to guard them, and between the guards stands the two flag bearers who carry the American and State or Organization flag.

The Myrtle Beach High School NJROTC basically consists of four types of Color Guards. We have the competing Varsity Color Guard, the competing Freshman Color Guard, a Female Color Guard, and a Community Color Guard. At these competitions the NJROTC Drill Company and Color Guard participate in competitive drill routines as well as competitions by other cadets in physical fitness and academic competitions.

Last year, we have participated in over 25 performances including football games, basketball games, conventions, etc.

To the left is Color Guard Commander C/CPO.

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