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hey guys,
hm, the number of drawings im doin is going down... damn school and the 8 minutes of hw it takes away from me everyday!  wait... seriously, where the hell does all my time go?!
oh yea, into those damn video projects, thats what.
11.15.03:  i added some pics... meh
anyway, look around and leave some comments about my art in the guestbook.  or just leave an anonymous threat messege, since either way, i cant do anything about it.  peaCe
drawing tip:
my gallery
to scan a perfect image without all the smudges and marks showin up everywhere, follow these steps:
- when you scan, set it to scan as a grayscale image
- open the scanned image in photoshop (i use 6 over 7). 
- to adjust the darkness and sharpness, open the curves menu (ctrl + m) and adjust so that you get the sharpest image.
-using the erase tool, clean up any last marks that come up.
- word.
sketches / line art
my favorite links:
my rtx project
natural selection

other art links:
game art
cs art
deviant art
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you should all know my email, but if youre a stalker that doesnt know it yet..... here it is!
misc art
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