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Welcome - This is the home page for engineer, scientist and author Chris Lawrence. His writings include numerous works covering both the areas of science fact, such as his recent environmental work Carbon Avoidance Technolgies, and of the historical fiction genre. See the summaries below and the document web-links at left.

SCIENCE FACT - Carbon Avoidance Technologies is his new vision for a pathway to the low-carbon hydrogen economy of the future. It answers the question, "Does the holy grail of clean coal really exist?" The answer: "Yes!"

HISTORICAL FICTION - Chris Lawrence also writes fascinating and provocative historical fiction that is so close to everyday that you will swear that it was torn from the pages of the newspaper; i.e., reality novels.

One recently completed work is entitled
Enemies Foreign and Domestic - The Trilogy. It is a fascinating tale of the life struggle of an American war hero, engineer, scientist and inventor during the tumultuous years running through three American wars: World War II, the Cold War and the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Our hero struggles against long odds to survive and against powerful forces to reclaim his Constitutional rights, ultimately before the United State Supreme Court Justices. For a copy of this gripping historical novel, based on the real life of his father, Albert Lawrence, see the 'pdf' file document web-link at left.

A second work, a short story by the author is entitled
New York Power Politics. This contemporary historical short story deals with a character struggle between the forces of good and those of political power and corruption, in the context of sanctioned gender bias. It is a tale of an aggressive, self-promoting woman and of the people she stepped on during her rise to the top of her profession. It is a story of ego, incompetence, intrigue, cover-ups, influence peddling and anti-male gender bias in Government and State politics, and of pervasive corruption at the highest levels of State Government. For a copy of this provocative contemporary historical short story see the 'pdf' file document web-link at left.
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Links to some of our favorite environmental studies, historical novels and short stories:
Works of Science Fact
Carbon Avoidance Technologies
Works of Historical Fiction
Enemies Foreign and Domestic
New York Power Politics
DISCLAIMER: These are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used ficticiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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