Adam and Raj's Page

Basic Info

Name:                 Adam
  Home:                 Home is in Garfield, NJ.
  Status:                Got my baby n we play sometimes. 
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  Age:                    23 years old
  Height:                6'
  Weight:               190#
  Hair:                   Naturally Blonde. 
  Eyes:                   Blue 
  Birthday:             September 24th, 1981
  Signs:                  Libra virgo Cusp, Rising Sag

    A Paradox of Reality, Trapped screaming inside the real world.

Less Basic Info

Sexuality:            Gay.   Sorry Gurlies.   
  Piercings:             Left Earlobe & Both upper right cartilage.  Tongue
  Tatoos:                 None
  Smokes:               Yes
  Drinks:                 Yes
  Drugs:                   They would be very nice rite now.
  AIM:                     BinkysJADED
  Cam:                     bergenboy1981   on Yahoo IM
  Aol:                      Njerseyboy1981   This SN BLOCKS aim.

Where I hang out

I hang out a lot at home lately.  Sometimes go to feathers.
                                                         ~*~RIP TUNNEL~*~

     I'm usually with my boyfriend, and I spent a lot of time online. 

    I  like raves, but due to their rediculous pricing, crowds, and dont see me at many of them anymore.


   I  like Goa/Psytrance, Jungle, D&B, Trance, Booty, dark Breaks, and happykore, Linkin Park, and OLD  Limp Bizkit.

  I am not a big fan of hip hop, rap, pop, House, Diva, hardkore punk, Country,
      or most non electirc music.
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