Sergeant Terence Buckley
Tears from Heaven
Being a member of our department's Honor Gaurd I have attended many a brother or sister officers funeral. I can not recall ever being at one when the sun has been shining. They are always on the dreariest rainiest days imaginable. Tonight as I type the rain pours down on us, and tomorrow I will again march alongside a good friend and comrade, Sergeant Terrence Buckley.
Terry 34, a 10 year veteran of the Harrison Police Department will be greatly missed by all including his mother and family. He had just bought a house and was planning his future with his soon to be wife when he was struck ill and died suddenly after checking into the hospital.

I know Terry is in a better place as he was called to roll alongside many others at the right hand side of the lord. I know this because Matthew 5:9 tells me.
" Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."
And lying in bed awake tonight I finally realized why it has rained on every police funeral I have attended. Even though Terry is in a better place where everything is supposed to be calm and perfect, he and the other guys are standing in lineup looking down on us realizing what pain and turmoil thier untimely demise has caused us, and as they stand there in thier moment of silence, they cry for us, not for themselves. Just for us.
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