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  • 100 Out of 543 Lok Sabha MPs have links to crime
    exactly 100 out of 543 Members of the Lok Sabha have links wid crime. In other words, it means that almost every fifth member of the Lok Sabha has had, or will have, a brush with the law, with cases pending against them.
    The following information about our legislators in 2000 is an eye opener: Twenty-nine had been accused of spousal abuse, 19 had been accused of passing bad cheques, 117 had bankrupted on at least two businesses, three had been arrested for assault, 71 could not get loans dues to bad credit histories, 114 had been arrested on drug related charges, eight had been arrested for shop-lifting, 21 are current defendants on various lawsuits, 84 were stopped for drunk driving in 1998 alone.At least 100 MPs faced criminal charges ranging from minor misdemeanours like disturbing peace, rioting murder, rape and dacoity.In the last elections to the 13th Lok Sabha and State assemblies, as many as 700 legislators including 40 MPs with criminal background won.In the 1996 elections, 1,500 out of 13,950 candidates had criminal cases against them. In 2002, as many as 15 MPs and 635 MLAs had cases pending against them. It may appear outrageous that 21 major national and regional political parties of dissimilar and separate ideologies and bitter foes of each other, joined hands to reject the Election Commission's directive in pursuance of the Supreme Court order seeking information on a candidate's possible involvement in any criminal case. They went a step further and passed a law, which was declared void by the Supreme Court.

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