Which Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Character Are You Most Like?

Describe yourself in one word?

Jaina Solo walks into the room, so you say...
"Aren't you supposed to be flying with the Rogues?"
"Looking good."
Nothing. You wait patiently, ready to deactivate the thermal detonator she just might throw at you.
Nothing. But you nod, smile a little, and jerk your head towards a broom closet.
"What are you doing in my office?"
"Are you lost, young lady?"
You dig a hole in the ground and jump in and make whimpering noises. Then you wait for her to come over and save you and you capture her.
"I have you now and I will sacrifice you to the gods!!!!  Muahahahahahaha!"

Your female companion...?
Don't have one right now, but I like older women and old friends with missing limbs.
My secretary, or anyone else who has seen me naked.  (what happens when two male Yuuzhan Vong see each other naked?)
I haven't had any, ever since they found out I committed genocide it's been kind of hard to get laid.
No girlfriend, but I have my sister and the rest of my traveling family.
This short foreign pilot, or this tall blue woman.
My irritating, irrational and talkative best friend.
A gorgeous scientist who I met on one of my missions.  Who I've promptly forgotten about.
None.  I don't know why.  I'm a nice guy, really.
This ball of feathers and fur.  Extremely annoying.  Wait.  You meant THAT kind of companion.
Happily married to the daughter of my father's murderer.

Coruscant is...
Home, part time.
Not theirs to own.
One of billions of planets.
A waste.
Yuuzhan'tar.  Drat.
Yuuzhan'tar.  Hooray!
Insignificant compared to my home planet.
Where we used to live.
The capital of the galaxy.
Stupid.  They're all stupid.

You are stupid because...
You believe in the gods.
You believe Vergere.
You believe you are invincible.
You believe you are a hero.
You really believe that it was a dark sith lord, and not you, doing all that bad stuff.
You have lived in the GFFA for how long now?  And you still think twins are sacred.
Immediately after finding out your wife was missing, you took another woman out to dinner.
You did not know who Han Solo was.
You believed the Yuuzhan Vong was just a conspiracy to get Leia back in power.
Grim is a really stupid state of being.

"These two bothans walk into a bar..."
"Not again..."
"Wait!  Don't go!  I'm not finished!"
"Heh."  *your mind suddenly opens up to the Force*
"I fail to see why this has anything to do with our mission objective."
"Because they are sneaky and not to be trusted.  Which is why I propose attacking Bothawui."
"And speaking of bars, miss, would you like to go get a drink?"
"And they say 'ouch'."
"And I get them to help me with this whole recona..."
"What's a bar?"
"This is slander, and I'm suing."

If the Yuuzhan Vong had you and wanted to sacrifice a part of you, what would they sacrifice?
My hair.
My brains.
My tail.
My mouth.
My eyes.
My limbs.
This is a tough one.  Hey, you'd be hard pressed to decide, too.
They don't want to sacrifice me.
I'd escape before they got the chance.

Modern Day Counterpart?
George W. Bush
Osama Bin Laden
Danny DeVito
Saddam Hussien
Brad Pitt
James Bond
Clark Kent
Peter Parker
Prince William
One of a kind

Lightsaber Color?
Only infidels use lightsabers.
I don't know how to use a lightsaber.
I wouldn't have any use for a lightsaber.

A grutchin has attached itself to your arm.
You inspect it.  You've never seen one this close before.
"How interesting.  Now get it off me."  Then, you run to the nearest tree and attempt to scrape it off by rubbing your arm against the trunk.
"Great.  Dinner."
You get it off in a completely creative and unorthodox way.
Find the person who sent it.  Destroy them.
You use telekinesis to float your lightsaber over to the creature and carefully hack it off.
"Hey, you!  Now would be a good time for you to use telekinesis to float your lightsaber over here and help me hack this thing off"
"Stupid malfunctioning piece of kane a bar!!!"
It's a nice change from all those women who are attaching themselves to you.

What do the people of the New Republic think of you?
They expect too much from me.
They treat me well.
They hate me.
They think I'm worthless.
They think I'm funny.
They fear me for no reason.
They fear me, and for good reason.
They don't trust me.
They wonder why I am where I am.
Who cares?  I'm still the best.

Intimidating words!
"I will tear out your heart with my own hands!"
"You embrace them.  I'm going to knock them down."
"You want me to move?  Come on and move me."
"Please don't move."
"Stop, please.  Don't make even more a fool of yourself."
"I see.  Instead of answering my question, you threaten me."
"Here.  Take it, go down, and fight him yourself."
"Heroes are stupid.  Yes, we have met.  I've nearly killed you."
"Sometimes I even amaze myself."
"Sorry.  I'm fresh out of white flags."

If the Yuuzhan Vong were boarding a refugee ship, you would...
Be ready to fend them off.
Defend your friends and family.
Try to save everyone on board, despite the odds.
Calm the frantic passengers by telling them you will save them.
Not be on the ship, but watching from a distance.
Join them.

A Man is Only as Good as his Hairstyle.
Uh, duh.
I look better blond?
It just looks good naturally.  I don't really do anything with it.
I just let it grow.  A hawkbat could make a nest out of it if she really wanted to.
No hair.  Tattoos.
Helmet hair me no likey.  So I buzz it.
Where oh where did I put that bottle of black hair dye?
I have a very, very thick shock of hair.
Don't you mean "furstyle"?

Wait...  Who is the enemy?
Yuuzhan Vong.
Jeedai and infidels.
I just wanna go home...

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