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I had spent weeks creating the perfect web site. It had all the “right” features and was “guaranteed” to bring in the business. I only had one LITTLE problem. NO ONE could find my site! I tried everything. I submitted to search engines. I keyword optimized my content. I added posts to forums. I spent hour upon hour, week after week. I bought programs and tutorials and went to seminars. YET, after 6 months, my site was still UNKNOWN! However, just ONE WEEK after getting The Blog and Ping Tutorial, my site has finally been spidered! Thanks for sharing this great information!


From: Nimrod J. Ojilim
Monday 13:44 AM

Dear Internet Marketer,

Let’s face it, putting together a website is tough-but getting that website into the major search engines like Google and Yahoo is even tougher!  

There’s no doubt, the most difficult marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get your sites indexed. And until you master it, the web site that you are counting on to generate sales, build your reputation, or generate AdSense revenue is just floating in cyberspace--worthless. No wonder it seems to take forever and ever. And it sometimes it really IS Forever and Ever!!

That is why there are countless sites with advice, tons of expensive software, and plenty of costly seminars on how to get a search engine's "web crawler" to "spider" (that is "geek" for find and enter into the search engine) your site.

And yet, you and others just keep getting frustrated until you spend more hours in research, pour more effort into "tweaking" your site, or waste even more money on someone's outdated ideas--all while time and opportunity are still slipping through your fingers.

The simple truth is that until the search engine finds your site and decides to spider it, nothing else matters.

This is where the newly discovered method of Blogging and Pinging proves so valuable. It gets your site noticed and spidered quickly and brings the crawler back more often.

Blogging and Pinging is fast. It is easy. You don’t have to be a technical guru to understand the concept or learn the method! All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.

And even better, the entire process is completely free! No new software to buy, no need to purchase subscriptions to new services, no renewal fees - truly FREE!

Like you, I had read hundreds of articles about blogging and lots of speculation about its impact on search engines. While blogging is increasingly popular, blogging alone does nothing for search engines but give them millions of new--usually worthless--pages to search--and often screen out.

The ability to "subscribe" to web sites and blogs through RSS Feeds (called syndication) is also changing the way the web works. These feeds automatically check (called "pinging") web sites for changes, and send the changes to another site that has requested to be sent the changes. Of course, no one can subscribe to a site that they can't find!!

Two big web trends:

  • Blogging--easy to create with free and relevant content
  • Syndication--lets a site generate its own activity (pinging)

I knew there must be a way to put these two trends to work to get web sites quickly spidered and frequently updated on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines.

I spent hundreds of hours figuring out the Blog and Ping process. You see, these are two separate processes that happen on the web every day. Lots was written about each one but little is written about using them together in a way that would drive search engines to sites--at least not in a way that worked!!

I was about to give up when the thought hit me--"Everyone is making this seem hard, if not impossible."

I stepped back, tuned out the hype, and realized there was a simple solution. Even with all my hours of research, it took months more to discover the simple, workable connection between blogging and pinging that capitalized on the design and function of search engines.

The secret is that each of a few simple steps has to be done exactly right and in the right sequence on two separate web functions.

Now, don't get worried. I have put these steps one - by - one in "The Blog and Ping Internet Marketing Tutorial" and provide the simplest and easiest way to do each one.

There is no "trial and error"!

The tutorial contains over 75 screen shots showing you exactly what to do. You can get a real web presence with less effort and no costly services or software. No more waiting and waiting and waiting. No lost opportunity.

AND faster sales mean faster cash flow!

I had a great idea and needed a great web site. So, I spent most of my money getting my web site created. Little did I know that the site wouldn’t get spidered right away. I needed help and I needed it fast. BUT I couldn’t afford to pay big bucks for someone else to do it for me. AND I am NOT a technical kind of guy. I know NOTHING about HTML. So, when I heard about The Blog and Ping Tutorial, I jumped on it. The step-by-step method, each with screen shots, helped guide me - a total dunce when it comes to web language - get my site spidered in under a week!!!

I recommend this tutorial to everyone! You can’t go wrong. And the best part is that I can repeat this process for every web site I ever create!!!!!



Are you fed up with methods that don't work?

·         How many times have you created the perfect website only to find that no matter what you do or what you try, Google simply won’t pick it up?

·         How many great ideas have you had go down the financial toilet simply because the Yahoo spiders took too long to visit and index your site?

·         How many hours have you wasted submitting your site to every known search engine only to find that 4 months later you were no further than you when you first started?

Are you ready to get results?

There’s no doubt, the most difficult marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get your sites indexed.

Until you master it, the web site that you are counting on to generate sales, build your reputation, or generate AdSense revenue is just floating in cyberspace--worthless.

 "Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incrredible Resource?"

Some friends urged me to deliver this exclusive information in person only as part of a high-priced seminar where I charged hundreds of dollars per person.

When I balked at the travel and time involved, friends in web marketing urged me to use an online seminar. But frankly I don't need a seminar to explain my method--and besides what I have to offer is a step-by-step process to follow.

No lengthy explanations of why it works are necessary. And you don't have more time to waste!

What you need are the simple, but critically important, steps to follow in just the right order to get your site working for you.

So this one-of-a-kind resource, "The Blog and Ping Tutorial,” can be for downloaded today for only $10.00!!!

For you and me it is a clear, efficient, and convenient way to deliver this information. (Don't worry downloading everything is a snap and it works for both PC and MAC users plus you still get the bonus listed below.)

Just imagine being able to get your site indexed quickly with ease…without wasted time or unnecessary software.

100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Listen, if you don't agree that "The Blog and Ping Tutorial" is the most impactful, eye-opening and practical information you've ever received on the subject of Blogging and Pinging, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

You can't find this kind of authoritative, proven information anywhere else on the web.


  • What only Blogger does automatically
  • Which Blogger settings need to be changed
  • How to quickly and easily create the right content
  • Which fields are necessary when you post
  • How “comments” can work for you
  • And lots more. . .


  • Why you need a Yahoo account
  • How to create a RSS feed
  • How to subscribe to your VERY OWN blog
  • The tricks for pinging Yahoo correctly
  • How to ping over 10 engines at once
  • And lots more . . .



You want information that you can absolutely count on. Something as simple as an incorrect HTML code can change your index time from 48 hours to 48 days.

Not every step is user-friendly or logical. (If it where, everyone would be doing this!) You want simple, step by step instructions. 

As you can see "The Blog and Ping Tutorial” is the ultimate tool for blogging and pinging.  

"The Blog and Ping Tutorial" is the quickest and easiest way to master a marketing technique others are just talking about.

Inside this magnificent work you’ll learn every detail needed to get your website indexed in hours instead of months! Absolutely everything any Internet marketer would need.

I was one of those “smart guys” that figured I could do it all on my own. I created a blog, I opened a Yahoo account, and I pinged. Nothing happened. A month went by and I blogged every day. Still nothing happened. I was sure that this whole Blog and Ping thing was a farce. Then I ran into a buddy that starting blogging AFTER I got started and he had 10 - YES!! 10 - sites all spidered in under a week! I couldn’t believe it.

What was the difference? He had ordered The Blog and Ping Tutorial and now KNEW all the secrets. He knew what to do that changed blogging and pinging from a mockery to nothing short of a miracle!

So, I did what any “smart guy” would do and I ordered The Blog and Ping Tutorial right away! Now, I too, have been successful - VERY successful! Blogging and Pinging works - you just have to know how and your tutorial tells it all!


Download This Tutorial Today For Only $10.00!!!

Needless to say, this information is jam packed with the never before revealed steps to get your site indexed quickly and easily. Truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information anywhere.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how much value you will receive from more than 75 screen shots alone! Nothing else will save you so much time, spare you so much frustration, or produce results as quickly.

And remember you have a 100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee so there is no reason to wait any longer to see your site appear in Google, Yahoo, and other such engines. I make this guarantee without reservation because I know "The Blog and Ping Tutorial" will deliver all the value it promises and more.



Nimrod J. Ojilim

PS: Order the "The Blog and Ping Tutorial" right now and get a free bonus offer.

That's right, place your order today and get a special bonus.


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Inside Niche Money Machine, You'll Discover the Secrets of:

The absolute #1 best niche product to be selling right now on the internet and how you can find or create your own. Follow this concept and you will have NO competition. 

4 shocking ways that will show you exactly, step-by-step how to get YOUR OWN product in a minimal amount of time. As you read earlier, selling your own product is key to huge profits. 

3 sizzling sections on getting your own products without having to create them. Don't think you can write or create your own? No problem, use these three sections to create a product that will sell!. 

This eBook is worth $ 27.00.

There is another TWO bonus for you to download (included in the package). The first one is the ultimate guide for wordpress and another one is about tagging and pinging (the new trend). So get it NOW! Here is a link of interview between Jack Humphrey and Sean Wu (Tag ping Zen Master) about tag and ping.


PPS: You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start Blogging and Pinging with "The Blog and Ping Tutorial.” You won’t need to wait weeks, months, or even up to a year ever again when you let me show you my method...completely at my risk!

 Get started now with "The Blog and Ping Tutorial" ,
no matter if you’re a beginner Internet marketer or a savvy pro!


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