�������� Welcome to my site devoted to my car . It is FOR SALE!!!! Sad I know but it could be yours!!!!!. Also be sure to check out my time line from when I first bought my car to the most recent pictures I have of it as well as my neons under the lights section.
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List of Modifications:

So Stay Away From My Car Or I Will Bust Your  Fuckin Head Open)
Wings West Front Bumper and Side Skirts
Xenon Rear Bumper
Wings West 7" Mid Wing
Clear Tail Lights
Clear Third Brake Light
Clear Turn Signals
V-tech Slotted Tail Light Covers
16" Detata Dt-109 Chrome Rims
Nitto 450 Extreme Tires
Vibrant Dual Exhaust
Crane Cam Fire Wires
1 Green 20" StreetGlow Neon Tube Under Rear Seat
2 Green 15" StreetGlow Neon Tubes Under Dash Board
15' Green StreetGlow Hot Wirez
2 Green 6" StreetGlow Chrome Series Ttubes
Custom Yellow And Green  8 Tube StreetGlow Gold Series Underbody KIt

Green Fog Lights
Green City Lights In Head LIghts
Green City Lights In All Air Vents
Green Turn Signals
Vigg Designs Graphics
Kenwood KDC8015 Head Unit
Pioneer 2 Way 6.5 In Front  Doors
Pioneer 3 Way 6x9 In Rear Deck
2 10" Audiobahn Alum10 Subwoofers
JBL Bp1200 Amp
And Plenty More...
Im Going  To Eat You!!! GRRRR


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