I'm going down that long lonesome road babe
Where I'm bound, I can't tell
Good-bye is too good a word babe
So I'll just say, "Fare thee well"
I'm not saying you treated me unkind
You coulda done better, but I don't mind.
You just kinda wasted my precious time.
Don't think twice it's all right."
~Bob Dylan
       I'm ready!  I've dealt with the same stupid battle for the past few years, and I'm ready to walk away.   I sing it to those who have tried to bring me down and control me apart from my God.  I sing this to Satan who wants to knock me down. Most of all, I sing it to myself: I'm ready to turn away from the old me and pick up the new that Jesus offers.  I'm ready to pick up and go where God shows me, and let him take care of everything.
        Don't Think Twice is my favorite Dylan song of the moment.  I would like to sing away all of the barriers of this world with it.  Sometimes we fight battles for so long, that they become like bricks in a wall that tries to keep you out God's reach, till finally we need to come to this place with Him where we have the strength to walk away from this world and towards God.  Leaving the barrier behind is a scary ordeal, especially if it's been in your life for a while.  Loss makes the road unfamiliar, almost as lonely as Dylan's long lonesome road...  But when you are with God, you know exactly where He's leading you: Closer to Him.  He promises that if we seek Him we'll find him.  Don't be afraid to start on that unfamiliar road to Jesus.  It may be long, but it won't be lonesome.

       Sometimes our battles have to do with letting go of people that have hurt you and want to continue to bring you down.  I hate to tell you, but you live in this world, and it's full of people who don't want to see you have joy, and will do anything to take that joy from you.  They will mess with your head, with your body.  They will try to mess with your spirit.  What do we do, then? Is it good to just "drop" people?  That's where the part of the song I
really like comes in.  We tell them, Don't Think Twice.  That sounds like forgiveness to me. 

      Our battle is not people.  I love it when I'm reminded that.  Our battle is spiritual. Satan wants to see us in dispair.  Satan wants to manipulate truth.  Well, I'm ready to tell Satan, "stop wasting my Precious  time,"  and tell those who lend themselves out as vessels for his manipulation, "Don't Think Twice."  It's All Right in the hands of He who is Righteous.  With Jesus, it is Always Right.
March 30, 2002
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