What is Lake Karapiro like? And where do you normally wakeboard in Auckland.
The lake is huge with plenty of smooth water - you'll love it. If you wish to do your wakeboarding in Auckland, this is done at the Te-Atatu boating club. Smooth water is usually prevalent, however the day/time for lessons is dependent on the tide.
Lake Karapiro

I don't have any gear, can I still come for a lesson?
Sure Can! At Go Big Wakeboard School we provide wakeboards, vests, ropes, handles and even some wetsuits for you to use at no extra cost. Our wakeboards are the latest Obrien boards on the market.(see below)

Most important - what will I learn at your school?
At GBWS we can teach you the basics to advanced tricks.

I've never wakeboarded before. Is it easy? Will I be able to do it?
Wakeboarding is a relatively quick sport to pick up. It really varies from person to person - some will get up first time, others it may take 2 X 10 minute lessons. Other boardsport skills (surfing, snowboarding etc) definitely helps. We believe with the right coaching you'll get up fine.

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