NJ Fuel Cell Guy
1st Fuel Cell Powered Delivery Vehicles Operating in the US
I will be using this sight to showcase images of Fuel Cell powered Vehicles
I am a firm believer in this technology, and wish to see the H2 refueling infrastructure establih quickly.

Being from NJ, I would be very much in favor of seeing an H2 station, or better yet, severl be built.  As with the chicken and the egg, something has to come before the other.

I am certain that DaimlerChrysler, with their F-Cell and Sprinters, Honda with their FCX's and GM, with the recently announced Sequel program will have a number of cars available for use on NJ streets and highways.  As a matter of fact, I've psoken to some folks at Mercedes, who say they are looking to place cars in the tri-state area, but cannot justify placing cars if they cannot readlilly get fuel.  Since NJ has adopted the CA ZEV requirements, The powers that be need to take some action to assure that the technology they are asking for can indeed be operated in the state.  CA has the Hyrogen Highway, NY has annouced plan for a western NY Highway link, but here is nothing in NJ

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