TEAM USA Coach Ellen looking to earn a spot on the 2009 TEAM USA crew heading for the IDBF Prague World Championships.


  • Our season opens with many new faces and returning "old" members! Rich is back to coach Team Dragons, while Ellen continues to work with TEAM SOS.
  • Check out this poem written by one of our TEAM SOS members after her first year as a dragon boater!
  • As NJ's first and largest dragon boat club, 2009 represents our 10th season. We work hard to promote the sport we love, through hosting clinics, event hosting, consulting, volunteering and maintaining an open partnership with non-members of all levels to compete with us. We have several teams within our club designed to care for the range of interests in our membership.
  • Here's a nice poem written by an 11 year old local lake side observer
    • 2007 Pics: Daredevil Challenge, NYC, Ithaca, Friendship Races
    • NJDB Club Crew: We look to continue expanding our experiences, sharing them with others and growing our network of dragon boat partners everywhere! We take on anyone as a race team member, regardless of skill level or current membership. 2010 China Trip in the plans...FUN loves company!

    • TEAM DRAGONS: This crew represent the more fanatical dragon boat racing crew of the NJDB Club. They stress team work and commitment in practices and competitions. They look to add to past successes, which includes 1st in NYC, Hartford and Rhode Island. RECRUITING POSTER

    • TEAM SOS - our Women and Breast Cancer Survivor and Supporter Dragon Boat Team. With lots of support from the Summit Connections Pathways Women's Breast Cancer Support program - 2009 represents their 2nd season. BCS members will see a discounted membership fee thanks to funding from Pathways!

    • TEAM AIYA Jrs: we're hoping to get this crew started again so Kevin and Kenny can race with peers! - so forward any new jrs with dragon boat interest to "[email protected]".

    • Machestic Dragons Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team: an affiliate NJDBC team, practices at Mercer County Lake in NJ. Their membership includes residents of Pennsylvannia and South/Central New Jersey. Since their inception in 2002, they are now among 5 NJ BCS teams! They host the Paddle for Pink race in June.

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