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DEVIL MAKES HIMSELF KNOWN IN NORTH JERSEY: Sound clip now available!!!!!!!!
     Me and my wife live up in Park Ridge, Yesterday, at my nephew's recent 13th birthday party, a demonic and spine tingling shreik made the hair stand straight up on my neck. I ran outside with my video recorder but found nothing to be seen except enormous flocks of birds fleeing the trees. I did however, record this horrible event. The video was too large and had no useful evidence on it, so I decided to submit only the audio part. My brother has spoken to a few of his neighbors and they have reported a similar event. Even in my hometown, Hillsdale, talks have arisen about the Jersey Devil being around. It's just an old local tale... Or is it? I can tell you that what I witnessed changed my life forever.

Submitted By:        JM ROGUE  On 2/1/03
Has the Devil been to your hometown this week? Current North Jersey sightings have been reported in the towns of:

-Park Ridge
-Washington Township
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