A very warm welcome to the class webpage of 03S21 National Junior College!

After many days of gathering info, it's come out at last! Hurray! Isn't the background picture nice?

Named this site "Spectrum" cos the class consists of people from very different backgrounds. It's kind of like the seven colours of a rainbow, all the different colours merge to form a one colour-- white, yet each colour is unique. Hope you all like it. Stay united!

I set up this class journal just for fun. You can write anything you want, like a guestbook, except that it's only for the class people. (Actually, it would be better to have a real book though.)

I hope that this site will serve as a place to record all the pleasant moments we had as a class, especially for those who have already left the class.

Whenever you're free to drop by, remember to leave a note in the guestbook!


keep in touch! =p

Updated: 28 April by Anni

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