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H.E.A.R.T.S.’ goal is to bring together a diverse group of homeschoolers - to provide valuable services to our communities while generating increased public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the full spectrum of homeschoolers.


Community participation is always invited and appreciated!

H.E.A.R.T.S. is seeking your participation in any or all of the 7 annual projects listed below. 

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September Theme: Winter Warmth; Project: Hats for the Homeless -Donating handmade or new hats, scarves, mittens, socks, etc. to NYC Hats for the Homeless. ‘Recycled’ and children’s items can be donated to Appalachian Outreach, Inc.

 [More theme ideas: donate the same to your local homeless shelter (click to find a shelter near you) – or your local domestic violence shelter (click for a list.)]



October - November Theme: Holiday Gifts; Project: Christmas Stockings for the children of Pine Ridge Reservation.  

[More theme ideas: holiday gifts for your local shelter (click to find a shelter near you) - Toys for Tots (click for a link to their website.)]




December Theme: Holiday Cards; Project:  Holiday Cards (handmade and/or purchased) for residents (especially children) of your local domestic violence shelter or homeless shelter.

 [More theme ideas: Holiday cards for your local nursing home or your local veterans hospital or other charity in your area.]



January - February Theme: Valentines; Project: Valentines (handmade and/or purchased) for your local nursing home.

[More theme ideas: Valentines for Vets – Valentines for your local homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter.]



February – April Theme: Handmade Blankets; Project: Project Linus –Donate handmade blankets for seriously ill children. (Click “Chapter Listings” on their website to find a chapter near you. – Click here for instructions to create a blanket simply by cutting and knotting fringe!) 



May – June Theme: Food; Project: Donate food to your local soup kitchen or food pantry - or pet food/supplies to your local no-kill animal shelter. 



June – August Theme: School Supplies; Project: Donate left over (or newly purchased) school supplies to Appalachian Outreach, Inc.

 [More theme ideas: donate the same to your local homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter.]






H.E.A.R.T.S. would like to thank the following supporters:



AHA  @  http://www.americanhomeschoolassociation.org/


NJSHS [NJ Secular Homeschoolers]  @  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NJSHS/


Unschooler’s Network  @  http://www.unschooling.org/unnet/


NJHA  @   http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/3009/charter.html


AHE   @   http://www.geocities.com/ahe_nj/


Home Education Magazine   @  http://www.homeedmag.com/wlcm_HEM.html


The HomeSchool Gazette  @   http://www.HomeSchoolGazette.com


NJ4Kids  @   http://www.nj4kids.com





















































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