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10 February 2006


This is what I do. Make up senseless stuff and put it into words :))

Prom's hassles.

   Prom. It's overrated, don't you think? Girls spend countless hours talking about the what-to-wears and who-to-dates, that sometimes, the thrill just goes away. I'm one of those girls. Honestly, I never really cared about prom, not until about a month ago at least. I always thought that people who were looking for their "possible prom dates" or "prospects" at the least were waaay to excited. I mean, HELLO, I was thinking "Dudes, prom is like, 5 months away!" Yet, everyone was saying that whole "baka maunahan ako" thing. Sheesh. If you LIKED heartthrobs, then it would be no wonder if someone beat you to the guy you wanted to go to prom with. Prom's waaay to commercial. You wouldn't see "grad ball" specials on magazines now would you? Superficially, they all call it the "perfect princess night". I beg to differ.

   Stupid of me to be writing this thing, considering I'm one of the hopeless girls looking forward to the event. Hassle, if you must know! Guys get to rent suits or have one custom made that would undeniably look like everyone else's, yet, they don't fuss over the whole originality thing. But girls?! We would dread to go to prom and have someone wear the exact same friggin' dress we all took hours and hours and hours to design slash pick. We have to think of the perfect shoes, the perfect bag, the perfect dress, the perfect everything! Sheesh. It'll be worth it, hopefully.

   It's weird how everyone fusses over it. I mean, it's just for one night right? Why make it into this huge deal where everyone's soooo caught up in the moment? Maybe because it IS just for night, or is it the people whom you're with? I dunno. I've heard people say that prom's a great excuse to ask the people you like out on dates. Notice the date(s)? Dates considering the fact that if you guys aren't close, then you'd probably want to spend time and crap, to get to know eachother. Well, that'll all depend if you guys click or whatever. Sheesh. Believe me, doing THAT, I mean, going with someone just because he's all handsome and hot and all wouldn't be worth it. You may even have a crappy night for all he cares. AND PLEASE, don't think of not going to the prom just because you don't have a date. KAREN, THIS IS FOR YOU. It'll be fun!!!

   Now that the dates have been talked about, let's go to the dress part. THIS has even more people fussing over it than the date thing. Funny, I guess. I'd go in pambahay for all I care. Only, that'll be embarrassing. So, I'm going along the whole design a prom dress thing. Just make a simple one guys! Something that would hopefully avoid wardrobe malfunction.Funny. I have a friend who had one of those at her prom. The hem line of her dress ripped, so go figure, she had this ala mini grass skirt going on at the bottom of her prom dress. Funny, but utterly humilitating. It's a good thing she could carry such an "outfit". It didn't look half bad at all.

   So I guess this is it. Prom, in my opinion. It won't be half bad if you're with people you like, and if you have a killer after prom party planned after.

at 11:13 PM, Friday

Let the rain fall, I don't care.

I figure, this month'll pass by "just-like-that". I never really thought that thinking so much would actually leave me traumatized to face the future. Which leads me to this blog entry title. I don't really want to care anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not some future obsessed freak who doesn't know how to have fun just because I think too much about the future. It's just, sometimes, it totally ruins my day. Sheesh. How I wish I could just let go :)) Haha RIGHT!

Last night was THE GREATEST! I missed Justin soooo much :)) We never get to hang out anymore, drink of our worries and crap. Actually, HE drinks of his worries, not me. But still. I miss the whole not-doing-anything-can-I-come-over crap. It's great. At least a bestfriend of mine is still in check with my life. I never get to hang out with most of my friends anymore. The only ones I go out with are SCHOOL FRIENDS. Go figure. I really don't have time for those overnight crappy things anymore. Specially with the English Paper up and all. Which leads me to tomorrow. :))

I'M GOING TO GLITZ and I'm not letting anyone ruin my night. I actually want to get drunk, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. I've been feeling so tired and useless lately, specially at school. I figure, I have nothing great to offer colleges (here we go again with the obsessing about the future crap), so might as well drink the night away. I figure, a bottle'll do the trick. LAME, I KNOW. I don't drink nga kasi eh :))

I went to National earlier, and saw loads of great books. Too bad they cost waaaay beyond my limit :)) Sheesh. I want to win the lotto so bad :)) That way, I'd have whatever I want. Materialistic, I KNOW, but hey, who wouldn't want that eh? :)) Anywho. Back to last night. It was totally great! I mean, Just practically spent the night here. We talked until the wee hours of the morning, I mean hey, The last time I got to see the dude was, like, more than a month ago. We needed some catching up :)) Gotta love him! Bestfriends like HIM are meant to be kept, honestly ;) Great great great friend :) Haaay..

We talked about Valentines! Haha putek! It's bad enough I have no one to share it with (no actually, I'm not really looking for someone to share it with. Valentine's day is soooo overrated na, haha!), pero he keeps making kwento about what his surprise is for his girlfriend. Lips sealed mahn :)) Soooo cute though. So, to all valentiners out there, good luck :))

I have nothing to say. I'm bored to death and obviously, I have nothing to do. Nevermind :))

I miss writing essays. I think I'll go write up one now.

at 10:17 PM, Friday

04 February 2006

It was fun..

while it lasted.

Grrrr!! I lost my friggin' contact lenses! So, there goes, I figure, another 600 bucks down the drain. I'ma have to go and get new ones tomorrow. Can't live without 'em, literally.

Georgia's confirmation earlier :) We ended up going to Eastwood, to supposedly eat at Shanghai Bistro I think, eh it was closed pa pala, so we ended up eating at Fazoli's. If you ask me, Fazoli's is pretty good :) Nakakasawa though. I really can't finish a whole serving of Baked Ziti anymore. Sheesh.

I'm hating everything right now. CONTACT LENSES!!!! GRRR!!!

at 10:57 PM, Saturday

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