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Find out what your numerological number is and what it means compared to Nicolas' !! Ok first of all Nicolas is a 7 (to my knowledge by using Nicolas Coppola) keep that in mind....Im going to explain a little bit about numerology now and what it means. I am a firm believer in this and the wonderful world of fate. I also believe that when we "dream" we are not actually asleep. We are living a whole different life outside of our body through our Soul.

About numerology. It dates all the way back to the ancient Babylonians. They believed that certain traits in a person's personality were based on the spelling of the name. According to numerology, there are 9 basic personality types. Ok to figure out your own I will make an example of yours truely Nicolas Cage.

To figure out Nicolas' number, first you write out all of the letters in his name. Only a "full" name. Nicknames will NOT work in numerology. Use the full name your mother gave you at birth. Then we match each letters to the numbers on the chart.

Numerological Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


5 + 9 + 3 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 6 + 3 + 1

Ok then you add all the numbers together. For Nicolas you come up with "61"

Add those numbers you end up with the 6 and the 1 together and that = "7"


Quick summary :

1. Write out the full god given name. I dont know Nicolas' middle name if he has one email me at [email protected] if you happen to know for SURE what it is......

2. Match the letters with the numbers on the chart.

3. Add the numbers together untill you end up with one number that values 1- 9.

4. Now check on the chart and find out if your numerological number is compatible with Nicolas' !! Also you can learn about your number and how it may influence your every day life.


Numerological Numbers and Meanings

1. Ones - Ones are natural born leaders. They are extremely well organized and tend to like to do all of the work themselves. Ones love the spotlight, but they can also be very ruthless, so they have to learn to give up the spotlight once in a while and share the glory. One's are very compatible with twos and sixes.

2. Twos - Twos are quiet and reserved. They are interested in the big picture, and they spend alot of time trying to understand both sides of a situation. But twos can also be very super sensitive and reluctant to fight back. Criticism makes them brood over hurt feelings. Twos are very compatible with sevens, eights, and other twos.

3. Threes - People are naturally drawn to threes. Threes are often leaders. They have to fight there natural desire to always have everything done there way so that they can be a good leader. Threes are alot of fun to be around but they have very sharp tongues that can sting. Threes are very compatible with fours and fives.

4. Fours - Fours are very loyal friends. They take relationships seriously and will work hard to make them work. They are witty and entertaining and always looking for a good time. But watch out if a four disagrees with you. They have a tendency to speak there minds, regardless of the hurt feelings that it may cause. Fours are very compatible with twos, threes, and eights, but they really go for fives and sixes who are definitely NOT right for them.

5. Fives - Fives are like wildfire. They like action, adventure, and plenty of excitement. Money just slides through the fingers of a five. Fives are very compatible with threes, sevens, and twos.

6. Sixes - Kind, even tempered, and eager to help. They alway look for the good in people and situations. A six unfortunately can be too trusting, then making a easy target for people who want to take advantage of her good nature. Sixes are very compatible with ones, eights, and nines.

7. Sevens - Sevens are trendsetters. Others naturally follow there lead. Sevens are also very rebelious. They dont accept anything at face value. They work on instinct and natural intuition. They set high standards for themselves. Sevens are compatible with niness, fours, eights, and other sevens.

8. Eights - Eights have incredible powers of concentration. When they focus on a goal, they will almost always achieve that goal. Eights make great friends because they never forget a kindness. They also never forget an injustice, so watch how you treat an eight. Eights are very compatible with twos, fours, sixes, sevens, and nines.

9. Nines - Nines are very charitable, kind people, who love the earth, and everything that inhibits it. They are extremely concerned with the needs of people who have less than they have. They are the first to jump up and volunteer in the name of a cause, and have little tolerance for those who dont choose to lend a hand. Nines are very compatible with fours, sevens and eights.


Nicolas is a Seven. If you are not in his 'most' compatible range its *OK* ! Thats just a theory plus a whole lot of fun to do, doesnt mean you are not compatible. Besides....hell isnt he married? lol ! I dont care I love him anyway!



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