28 Mar 2005, very very early in the morning at the Melbourne airpot. Most of us hadn't slept much (if at all) thanks to the excursion to Phillip island on the day before. Brazil, America, Sweden and Finland represented, Canada is taking the picture. We're on our way to Christchurch in New Zealand.
29 Mar after an interesting meeting with the Americans, us three ended up together (the others rented an RV). We wanted to stay at the hostels and drive around without any bigger plans. Me and Laura were super happy that Gustaf joined us, even though we were his second pick ;) Don't worry hon, we still luv ya.
29 Mar Still in Christchurch and Gustaf is singing a serenade to Laura's Fanny Bag.
30 Mar Driving on the left side seemed to be a little scary at first and both Gustaf and Laura had a near miss-situation on the first day. I was the backseat bitch as I don't drive :)
When you see views like this, you can only hope and pray that when the pictures comes out, they show even the tiniest fracture of how breath taking it actually was. I tried to capture it all but of course... You should see it live.
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