"In Masks Outrageous and Austere"

"In masks outrageous and austere

The years go by in single file;

But none has merited my fear,

And none has quite escaped my smile."

--Elinor Wylie, "Let No Charitable Hope"

Welcome to my repository of writings on the web. Here you'll eventually find in one collection all of my fan fiction, original fiction, poetry, essays, and more! The links on the left will take you where you'd like to go. Currently, you will find stories in the fan fiction page (mostly Buffyverse tales, although other fandoms may be forthcoming) and a poem on the poetry page, but keep checking back for updates.

Updates (6/17/04): About Me, Links, and Icons pages have now been added.

Thanks go out to my friends, penwiper26 and percival_b, for their kind beta help and advice about the appearance of this site. Any infelicities of design or coding errors are completely my own. The background image used on my stories and poems comes from Backgrounds Archive.

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