My fellow brown friend who can sing. The one, the only, SANJAYA MALAKAR!!!

Welcome to my site! I love taking pictures and so, thanks to the encouragement of a friend, I am posting them online. If you noticed, all the pictures of the family are gone. That is because my cousins are annoyed with my friends being able to see my family. Anyways, if you are part of the family and you want the new website, just e-mail me or leave a comment on the guestbook with your e-mail address.

May 26, 2006
[click]last day of school pictures

[click]me in indian clothes with some family

May 25, 2006
[click]8th grade dance pictures

June 23, 2006
[click]cool people at the cooler

August 31, 2006
[click]the wonderful world of AHS

December 17-20, 2006
Midwest Orchestra Clinic In CHICAGO!!!!

[click]Day 1
[click]Day 2
[click]Day 3
[click]Day 4

[click]Sears Tower

[click]Noa's Birthday at the Melting Pot

[click]TAG Field Trip to Medieval Times*NEW*

[click]The Week Before Spring Break*NEWER*

Totally Unrelated
[click]Something you might enjoy.

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