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Yep, he really said it...
Can you name?
'Can't get Fooled'

"..focused coalition 'Against Peace'
Yeah, a few months before 9/11; they told me Al Qaeda was up to something big; but I was chopping logs on vacation in Texas. Yeah, the FBI knew that Arabs were taking flight lessons, but dinner was being served at the ranch, and I might not have seen that report. Yeah we knew terrorists were trying to crash planes into buildings like the eiffel tower, and had tried something before on the World Trade Center, but the black eyed Texas peas were getting cold,and I didn't get a chance to read the entire briefing. Heck, the darn thing was 300 pages long and the big game was on TV. I asked the tough questions; like 'what were they serving for dessert?'... America, you elected a cowboy baseball player, why would you expect I'd be on the ball, prescient, and on top of things. Im just a good 'ol boy. The buck never stops here. It was Clintons fault. Hillary is to blame. You get what you pay for, America and you have me.hehehehe. Of course if I were a democrat, the other side would be trying to put me in jail, impeach me and would be calling for hearings.

Pic sequence on Sept 11. Pic 1-This is Bush during an 18 minute period AFTER the first tower was hit. Knowing about a possible terrorist attack by Osama Bin Laden, Bush is doing nothing to notify people in the tower a terrorist attack may be in progress. People are being told to remain in the other tower and not exit. He continues to read to the children

Pic 2-Now after _having been notified_ the second tower has been hit and burning, Bush continues to read on. He knows to expect something from Bin Laden. He knows there is a hijacking threat. He does not immediately leave or summon officials at NORAD.And why, when the planes were initially taken over in the previous hour, were fighter jets not dispatched to intercept the hijacked planes?

(This is the Dick that interacts with Bush. When something complicated comes up; Bush and Dick get together and exchange directions. This Dick will direct the Bush and tell it what to do. So when we get screwed we can blame it on Bush and Dick.)

Just In!: Concurrant with the takeover by the GOP administration, in 2001, the number of major crimes in the United States increased last year for the first time in a decade, bringing an end to a decline in violence that had resulted in the lowest crime levels in a generation, according to FBI statistics. Hey you guys squatting in the White House, Keep up the great work!

Colonel speaks out<--

If I learned one thing from Reagan, I learned that its all about images. If I stand in front of a good visual prop, throw in some small black child within the frame of the camera , crack a charmer, then no one, not even the press will really investigate my proposals. They just take whatever I say at face value; if I say a tax cut will stimulate the economy, then I can rest assured, I don't have to present evidence that it actually does. If I spend a billion dollars a day hunting Bin Laden in the Desert, no one will question that it's your tax dollars at work. So far I've spent 240 billion dollars hunting for Osama. Can't find him. Drat. Please don't bring up the 100 billion dollar deficit I've tallied up, heck it used to be a surplus...hehehehe

Please don't forget my role in appointing Bush Jr.I owed one to his pappy.

"Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of that fact." -George Elliot;



Don't be shy, demand that the mainstream media ask George, and Jonnyboy Ashcroft what they are doing to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.
...and don't forget folks, follow Georgie's advice "to build a strong america....jog around the block!"


"This is the worst president ever, He is the worst president in all of American history."

-Helen Thomas

"I want to protect America"

Sniper Shoots 10 dead in MD, gun came from employee in gunstore

(*despite the fact that "criminals don't get guns from gunstores" -NRA)

As a group of Maryland residents who were afraid to go out for 20 some days due to a two bit criminal and a high powered rifle with a scope,shooting citizens in the head and gut for over 2 weeks, we are enraged at a do nothing congress, and an out of touch moronic president who only offers us his 'prayers' and not comprehensive tough gun safety legislation. "In America we value innocent life" George Bush said that. But apparently he doesn't value innocent life enough to protect its citizens from criminals and terrorists who acquire guns. Wherever they acquire them. Stores, gun shows, or black market. (Black market guns originally come from stores or manufacturers they don't grow on trees) So stop insulting our intelligence, bush, and stop licking the boots of the NRA.Putting someone in prison for 1000 years, AFTER the fact does nothing to prevent a horrible maiming. How are we safe when criminals can buy their .223 bullets at K- mart no questions asked? "I want to protect children" George Bush said that. But apparently he doesn't want to keep criminals and terrorists from purchasing guns that can be used to horribly maim children.He doesn't want to pass ballistic testing measure that would trace a gun before more people were shot, something that might have apprehended the murder snipers before more were killed. "I want to protect America" George Bush said that." But he offered the 10 dead Maryland citizens no protection from a high powered gun bought at a store and sold to a sick maniac. "I don't want to inconvenience gun owners" George Bush said that. Well pardon me but I think 10 people shot in the head and gut were inconvenienced. Stupid fool. 50,000, motorists stranded on the beltway were inconvenienced. Children not being able to walk to school were inconvenienced. And people shut in their homes were inconvenienced. "In America we value freedom" George Bush said that. Yet people were afraid to walk the streets and had to zigzag from snipers when they pumped their gas for 23 days. Free indeed. Americans have had enough and want to boot these sleazy stupid GOP politicians from office as soon as they can. Signed: Maryland citizens who were truly and painfully affected by this criminal gun spree. Editor_nitwitbush.com
Psst, if the first hijacked plane was in the air for 1 hour,heading towards NYC, why wasn't the World Trade Center evacuated as a precaution, before it was hit? (A question never asked by the media)

Remember when the economy was booming? When terrorists were not lurking behind every crevice? When buildings didn't collapse, and the U.S. was respected in the world. A time when citizens were free to speak out? Feeling nostalgic? Sorry. It will just remain a distant memory, for you are no longer in that more sensical era, fasten your seatbelts, you have now entered the Bush Zone....

Consult the Bush Administration's "How many days 'till we're outta here" clock
Somebody tell Pastor George, about the Establishment Clause: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ..." The Establishment Clause has generally come to mean that government cannot authorize a church, cannot pass laws that aid or favor one religion over another, cannot pass laws that favor religious belief over non belief, cannot force a person to profess a belief. In short, government must be neutral toward religion and cannot be entangled with any religion...no Mr. BunnyPants, not everyone in America "looks toward the almighty for guidance"...and why would your god love America, more than, say, Greenland?By the way, on what day exactly did god "grant us freedom"? Now George, if you were a baseball coach in a sweaty locker room after a big game, you could close your eyes really tight and thank the almightly personally for letting you win the game, but you're in the big leagues now, remember? You've been appointed President! How about...

No George, you don't pour oil into a yahoo search engine....

FLASH- Just leaked:

U.S. intelligence intercepted two Arabic messages the day before the Sept. 11 attacks that indicated an event was planned the following day, but the communications were not translated until Sept. 12, so said a government source leaker. "Tommorow is zero hour" was never translated. Bush was enraged at the leak, but not about missing the warning...

countdown: Months: No Bin Laden...
Although a billion dollars a day is being spent to play hide and seek in Afghanistan, to find a sickly kidney patient on dialysis; TIME magazine reports: " U.S. intelligence officers are getting credible reports through secondhand sources from people who say they have talked to bin Laden recently...The Administration has tried, with some success, to change the subject by ignoring him." so why don't you see more protest? Because they suppress any dissent at public speeches. It's not allowed. That explains the phony 70% poll ratings...but then 70% of the people believe in UFO's. How is it possible to fail at everything and have poll ratings above 6?

"Director of the CIA, George Tenet...knew of an imminent attack...not unexpected"
On Sept 11, this is what NPR reporter David Welna, located in the Capitol, as it was being evacuated, reported: Quote
So did Sept 11 occur; because Bush did not understand the meaning of the word Imminent?

Imminent \Im"mi*nent\, a. [L. imminens, p. pr. of imminere to project; pref. im- in + minere (in comp.) to jut, project. See {Eminent}.] 1. Threatening to occur immediately; near at hand; impending; -- said especially of misfortune or peril. ``In danger imminent.'' --Spenser.

cronyism n : favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications) [syn: {croneyism}]

Nepotism \Nep"o*tism\ (?; 277), n. [L. nepus, nepotus, nephew: cf. F. n['e]potisme. See {Nephew}.] Undue attachment to relations; favoritism shown to members of one's family; bestowal of patronage in consideration of relationship, rather than of merit or of legal claim.

Terrorists, who managed to dump 200,000 tons of toxic sludge into the Potomac River, which serves as the source for Washington's drinking water, have been identified as the George W. Bush EPA, and the Army Core of engineers. Stay tuned for further developments
Does that include the arsenic?

So many questions, so many issues; so "*We are going to hold you accountable for your actions", George. After all it's *"The Responsibility Era". During the Clinton Administration, in spite of the multiple investigations by the Republicans; who liked to look into his pants, the past administration at least managed to unravel numerous terrorists plots, like the NY tunnel bombings and stop them _before_ they occured... Only during the bush administration did the terrorists event actually _not_ get stopped.The terrorist you thought they just captured was apprehended a month previous. But it was announced over a MONTH later as breaking news to change the topic. So it looks like they are on the job, and won't be blamed for the past failures.We know the CIA and FBI had all the pieces of the puzzle months before 9-11. But were any hard questions asked by the President, like, 'Dammit, is the CIA coordinating with the FBI?", or 'Get me the director on the phone now," , and Patch me into the CIA Directors desk? Nope. Where was Georgie Porgie? Lazin in the Texas sun, out on his ranch , taking the longest Presidential vacation on record.

The American People have some unanswered questions, George. Now if Paula Jones could sue the former President over his genitals, while he was in office; can the families of the victims who died horribly in the Trade Center disaster sue the current Bush/Cheney administration for failing to warn it's citizens of an impending threat, and failing to prevent it. Some would have been happy to have received information, about whether or not they should consider boarding an airplane during the period of a known terrorist threat. Oh, but it was just a 'traditional hijacking'...yeah that doesn't put anyones life at risk, does it, George. I bet those dead victims are really mad they got on that plane. Hey George, do you ever read your CIA briefings, or do they interfere with the litterature on the back of the Wheaties box? Ask any hard questions George or do you just ask about the latest baseball scores... Remember Osama Bin Laden?. Its been 8 months, and a billion dollars a day and you've totally failed to find him. You didnt get him dead _or_ alive. Leadership indeed...

*BushSux T-shirts*

Are you just about ready to vomit with the slick use of DoubleSpeak used by the GOP and it's chief Resident of the United States GWbush? It's language they use to sound deep,and serious; but it never really has any true substance except to decieve and sound important. It's not important.It's BS.

Love a neighbor:This is the fantasy view that no social programs are necessary, as folks are constantly knocking on their neighbors doors with cakes, money, financial and medical advice, and free insurance. Doesn't happen.

Faith Based initiative:Code word for Religion; and 'if 'ya follow Jeezuus'..another way to pay less taxes on social programs.

Compassionate Conservatism:Put a little black girl on stage as a prop and hug her.

Evil Doers:Bush figured out people who crash planes into buildings with innocent people, are bad guys. Score 1.

Sound science:If the science doesn't agree with what you want; just say it's not sound. If it agrees with what you want, then it's sound science.If it's junk science, then it sounds like science, so then its sound science! Perfect GOP logic.

Vision:George is constantly having one.

Partisan wrangling:When debate ensues over a policy you want, that makes no sense, then the other side is 'wrangling'.

Some would:reference to Democrats proposing more sensible legislation
Integrity:reference to Republicans who vote the party line

Leave no child behind:conjures up an image of rescuing a crying child with outstretched arms, but as it pertains to education policy, it just means more testing

Appreciate:George appreciates most everything

I'm a Patient Man:Dammit; stop pestering me, I can't find Bin Laden@#$%

Antonio:What Bush calls Antonin Scalia

Global Warming:This is not part of Georges vocabulary since he believes it doesn't exist. (see sound science)

Comprehensive Initiative:a ten dollar word, refering to the release of a junk science report

Intelligence:this is simply an oxymoron

Move Forward:this is just filler text

Current Quote: "Very good, the guy memorizes four words, and he plays like he's intercontinental."
-Bush to reporter David Gregory, on asking a question in french to the French Prime Minister

Latest Quote:"There was no malfeance , no attempt to hide anything, it was just a accounting firm making a decision along with the corporate officers as to how to account for a complex transiction"
-Bush to reporters on his shady business dealings

Many of our FBI agents were unavailable pre 9/11to find terrorists, most were hunting for women who bare their breasts, and prostitution offenses. I called them off of Bin Laden for this important task.Why look for terrorists, when we can listen to lots of sexy phone calls on tapped phones. So we had a shortage of manpower, and hey, its a lot more fun to listen to sexy phone calls.

Notice: nitwitbush.com will not stoop, like other satirical sites, to cheap colonoscopy puns like; "Breaking News, Doctors perfoming a colonoscopy today on President Bush discovered a cerebral tissue impacted growth embedded in his rectal sphincter." No, we will not do that.

"Sorry America,
gotta split...

Where was Coach Bush hours before the Sept 11th attacks?According to MSNBC; he was taking a walk around the Longboat Key Golf Course jogging trail in Sarasota, Fla., Check out this ritzy swank resort!

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Peter Werbe
12&6:00pm EST

So what happens when you have an uninterested, disengaged President? One who asks no questions? One who takes a 3 month Texas vacation on the ranch, and does't bother to read the stacks of briefings on his desk. Instead of putting the pieces together, and just possibly saving 3000 lives, the administration sells pictures of a supposed President 'in action' on 9/11, exploiting the memories of a terrible tragedy.Why not demand from his advisors whether the CIA is coordinating with the FBI on terrorism issues? Too much work. Much more fun to just chop a few logs...hey...America is doing fine with all those neighbors knocking on neighbors doors..

Jeb Bush Apoligizes:

"I am truly sorry that I crossed off the names of thousands of black voters that I called felons, who were not really felons. They didn't get to vote. And so my brother ended up 500 votes ahead in the end. Had I let them vote, Al Gore would have won. It also helped that additional thousands were given confusing butterfly ballots and the Gore votes were counted as Buchanan votes. Yeah we thought it was strange so many jews voted for Buchannan too. So I apoligize, this is not the American way, and I will tell George to step down from the presidency since he didn't really win the election. There are great principals at stake here."


Osama Bin Laden

A billion dollars a day, and the mightiest milititary might in the world,cannot seem to find a skinny wackaloon religious fanatic geek holed up in a desert cave. Maybe someone can find his dialysis machine....?
Ayman Al Zaywari

Mullah Omar

Anthrax Dudes

Middle East
Tired of Rush the Pig man?Check out this LiberalRadio link

StemCell Ban
This scientifically illiterate administration wants to _ban_ stem cell research. Learn more about stem cell research.
High Low

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"Hey George, Im Robbie Mueller, head of the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude, got any questions about recent terrorist activity hunches?"
George:"Nah, he he; hey,who won the game yesterday?, he he; got any Pretzels? Did I ever tell you about the time I had a pretzel, and it went down funny?"....

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Can I choose a president or what? Elections are for the dogs, I get to choose the president..because I have more power than you...hehehehe

Hi, I'm TokenTanya. I'm a little black girl. Watch for me in GOP Presidential Backgrounds, during speeches. I'll wave!

Al Gore is
Our President

Or if you
John Kerry

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