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A unique approach to smart, fun, and affordable math and science learning programs
Math and Science Tutions - Welcome to my Math and Science Tutions - the traditional way of classroom learning, or distance-learning through Internet, Fax or E-mail. My tutoring service provides real help, not just answers. I teach one-to-one or upto a maximum 5 students in a group, normally in a Library. Or, join me online from anywhere through the leading-edge Instant Messenger tools on Internet.
Most of us parents take the time to enroll our kids in various sports and
recreational activities - hockey, ballet, piano, etc. - so why not Studies?
When we know this will, in one way or another, determine their grades,
their acceptance to top universities and their future careers.

So start now and plan for a better future for your kids...
Online tutoring services provide a two-way virtual classroom setting in which the tutor and student work together in real time on a computer based whiteboardboard while speaking with each other by way of a computer microphone, telephone and/or communicating with leading edge instant messangers.
Students feel most comfortable in this interactive online classroom setting,removed from the peer pressure of other students being present and time inconveniences, but with all the learning effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching.
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Effective math tutoring and math help to students of all academic levels.
Customized tutoring to the student's own personal needs for optimal learning results.
Study in amicable environment on weekends.
Arrow Study Tips
Watch for summaries within and at the end of assigned chapters.
Look for bold face and italic copy. They signify important points to remember.
Be neat when doing your homework. It does make a difference.
Online Learning - Whether you live in Brampton, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, or any location in Canada, effective and customized Math tutoring help is readily available at geocities.com/nitus_sareen/.
Classroom Lessons - When taken side-by-side with the regular school curriculum, my one-to-one or group tutoring serve to enrich, enlighten and make learning Math easy and fun!

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