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Playlist for my Shoutcast's WNIT Rock Station

Undress Brooke Shields

Penn State's 2003, 2004, and 2005 Schedules

Recap of Penn State's 1999 season, 1998 season and 1997 season

ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll, the Associated Press Poll, and ABC's BCS Rankings

WAJL10 College Football has everybody's schedule, stats, and an actual copy of the rulebook.

Lion ROAR!

Listen to Steve Jones and Jack Ham broadcast the games at

Dan's Penn State Fan Home Page has links to many more Penn State pages.

And if you are a Penn St. fan, then you would probably enjoy reading the Centre Daily Times

College football's 117 Division 1-A official athletic sites

College football big hit videos

CD Index

My Baseball Page

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