Nitrousfitz Racing delivers news, information, products, and instructions for Nitrous Oxide use in combustion type engines.  The information contained here assists our visitors to educate themselves on the uses of Nitrous Oxide, and the proper maintenance of equipment, kits, and parts used within a Nitrous Oxide systems for street-legal machines, and all-out race cars.

Nitrousfitz Racing has been developing techniques to improve horsepower in race motors for more than 25 years, and we continue to prove the reliabilty and performance of high-horsepower motors and Nitrous equipment. Our Nitrousfitz Race Team goes faster, safer.  Contact Nitrousfitz Racing at
[email protected].com to speak with one of our Nitrous Oxide technicians directly, and within only a short time of your request.
Houston, Tx. Nitrous Oxide systemsinformation and kits for use in street-legal, and high horsepower race applications.  Nitrousfitz N2O Race Team.
Our website will be offering the best Nitrous Oxide system information available, plus custom kits designed with all the bugs worked out, and simple instructions on installation, maintenance, and use of your Nitrousfitz Nitrous Oxide system.  Team Nitrousfitz is a 3rd generation race team running in the NHRA Division 4 South Central region spanning from Oklahoma, to Louisiana, to Texas.  20 out of 52 weekends are spent "at the track" testing, tuning, and running high-speed, high-horsepower equipment.  Having been hand-built, and maintained by R. Fitzhenry, his expertise with racing, designing winning applications, and winning Wallies, has been the cornerstone of Nitrousfitz, and our mission is to help those enthusiasts who have never utilized a gaseous additive to build horsepower with experienced information, instructions, and advice from those of us who have been doing it for over 25 years and will continue for 150 years more.
.pdf information manual Mini-DEC RPM Switch Crane NF-9000-0008
.pdf information manual Three-Stage Retard Control Crane NF-9000-0009
.pdf information manual Timing Retard Control Crane NF-9000-0101
.pdf information manual HI-6R Retard Control Crane NF-6000-6425
.pdf information manual Nitrous Controller, HEI Jacobs NF-383806
.pdf information manual Single-Stage Retard Mallory NF-618-1
.pdf information manual 4 Stage Timing Retard Mallory NF-678
.pdf information manual Universal Timing Control MSD NF-8782
.pdf information manual Adjustable Timing Control MSD NF-8680
.pdf information manual Three-Stage Retard MSD NF-8970
.pdf information manual RPM Activated Switch MSD NF-8956
.pdf information manual Digital Multi-Retard MSD NF-8975
.pdf information manual Programmable Timing MSD NF-8981
.pdf information manual Programmable Controller NOS NF-15834
.pdf information manual Timer-Based Progressive NOS NF-15835B
.pdf information manual Time Delay Relay NOS NF-15838
.pdf information manual Digi-Set TimeDelay NOS NF-15838A
.pdf information manual On/Off RPM Switch NOS NF-15879NOS
Nitrousfitz Houston Nitrous Oxide Refill Station
Our Tomball Nitrous Oxide Refill Station is open to the public.  Just send us an email before you plan to come, and we will contact you by phone to confirm your fill-up. Under $4 per pound to fill-up your NO2 Bottles in Houston.
Our Friend Scott Singleton has a great photo site with images from all of the Baytown events drag racing events.
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We recommend the products listed:
Quality equipment, sold by well-known distributors of high-grade automotive equipment.  Our partner, JC Whitney is an experienced dealer of equipment to the racing community, and we use them regularly for our Nitrous Oxide system parts.  Our team of people will help you with your purchase.  We are located in Houston Tx., and our Houston nitrous refill station is located in Tomball Tx., just a short drive to the station from Houston.  You can fill up your bottles before racing at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown Texas for as little as $4.00 a pound of nitrous oxide.  Nitrousfitz Racing is growing...  The newest Driver for the team is Robin Fitzhenry.  Our team is 3 race machines strong, driven by performers of the highest grade.  With over 35 years of drag strip experience in the NHRA Division 4 South Central Region, Team Racingfitz is giving back to the race community with quality driven information, and the best coverage of team Nitrousfitz available today.  Houston Raceway Park ois the home of Nitrousfitz Racing and we can be found at the track 25 out of 52 weeks a year.  That''s a dedicated team.  Dedicated to building sfae reliable Nitrous Oxide driven engines right to the finish line.  Our team acheivments includes champion Super Comp bracket division champion, and many more Wally's sitt'n on a mantel near us.
Updated 06/05/09:

News has it that Team Nitrousfitz is ramping up for the 2009 NHRA Sportman Drag Racing Series in the NHRA Drag Racing Division 4 South Central region.  We are currently updating POWERFITZ.COM, and all the A.W.E. websites to reflect that this team is dedicated to the up-coming seasons even more then the past 25 years.  Added to the equipment, our New 2007 Silverado 5.3L Quad-Cab.  This addition to the teams' mobility and hauling capability, will create the need for more crew, and support teams to assist Team Nitrousfitz in the up-coming season.  The newest member of the team is Sean W..  Competing for the Junior Divisions Championship, he is proof that this team is invested in the future.   We want the Division 4, South Central Region of the NHRA divisions, to take note that the competition is getting better.

We will be updating Nitrousfitz Racing and Powerfitz webspace regularly, so please return often to see the latest local Houston Drag Race News, Nitrous Oxide parts information, Where to refill your nitrous oxide bottles in Houston (Tomball), plus much more great news reports, products, pictures, results, and equipment deals.  Please contact our internet support team at [email protected] to get the quickest answer to your questions about the Nitrous Oxide systems we work with, advice on how to properly use Nitrous Oxide in your street machine, and how WE ARE DOING too!

Refill your Nitrous Oxide bottles at Nitrousfitz Race station. Buy nitrous oxide for your race car.  Buy nitrous in Houston (Tomball).  [email protected]
Will we be seeing Robin running nitrous next year?  Find out in the 2008 NHRA Sportman and bracket series of the Division 4 South Central Region of the NHRA Sportman and Bracket series.  Sean will be entering the Junior Dragster series makes him a 3G Racer.
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