Nitronic's Playstation List
Disk # Playstation List Type US/JAP Format
338   007 The World is Not Enough Shooter US NTSC
339   007 Tomorrow Never Dies Shooter US NTSC
340   102 Dalmations - Puppies to the Rescue Act/Adv US NTSC
341   3 in 1 - Spacejam, NBA Shoutout, Nightmare Creatures   US NTSC
  800 NES Games   US NTSC
1   A Bug's Life Act/Adv US NTSC
2   Abalaburn RPG JAP NTSC
342   Ace Combat 2 Simulation US NTSC
343   Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere Simulation US NTSC
3   Adventures of Lomax Act/Adv US NTSC
4   Akuji The Heartless Act/Adv US NTSC
5   Alien Resurrection Shooter US NTSC
6   Alien Trilogy Shooter US NTSC
344   Alone in the Dark - One Eyed Jack's Revenge Strategy US NTSC
345   Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare Act/Adv US NTSC
7   Alundra RPG US NTSC
8   Alundra 2 RPG US NTSC
9   Angel Eyes Fighting JAP NTSC
10   Animorphs - Shattered Reality Act/Adv US NTSC
11   Ape Escape Act/Adv US NTSC
12   Apocolypse Act/Adv US NTSC
13   Arc The Lad RPG US NTSC
14   Arc The Lad 2 RPG US NTSC
15   Arc The Lad 3 RPG US NTSC
16   Arc The Lad Monster Tournament RPG US NTSC
17   Area 51 Act/Adv US NTSC
  Armored Core Shooter US PAL
  Armored Core - Masters of Arena Simulation US NTSC
18   Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M Shooter US NTSC
19   Assault: Retribution Shooter US NTSC
20   Asteroids Shooter US NTSC
21   Atlantis The Lost Empire Act/Adv US NTSC
22   A-Train Strategy US NTSC
23   Azure Dreams RPG US NTSC
24   Backstreet Billiards Sports US NTSC
25   Ballistic Strategy US NTSC
  Batman Forever Act/Adv US NTSC
26   Battle Hunter RPG US NTSC
27   Beyond the Beyond RPG US NTSC
28   Black Dawn Simulation US NTSC
29   Blade Act/Adv US PAL
30   Blaster Master - Blasting Again Shooter US NTSC
37   Blasto Act/Adv US NTSC
  Bomberman Party Edition Strategy US NTSC
31   Brave Fencer Musashi RPG US NTSC
32   Breath of Fire 3 RPG US NTSC
33   Breath of Fire 4 RPG US NTSC
34   Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars RPG US NTSC
35   Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking Mirror RPG US NTSC
36   Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands Strategy US NTSC
  Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters Act/Adv US NTSC
  Bust A Groove 2 Simulation US NTSC
  Bust A Move Simulation US PAL
  Bust A Move 4 Strategy US NTSC
38   Buster Brothers Collection Strategy US NTSC
39   C-12 Final Resistance Act/Adv US NTSC
40   Captain Tsubasa - Get in Tomorrow   JAP NTSC
41   Castlevania - Chronicles RPG US NTSC
42   Castlevania - Symphony of the Night RPG US NTSC
43   Centipede Shooter US NTSC
44   Chicken Run Act/Adv US NTSC
45   Chocobo's Dungeon 2 RPG US NTSC
46   Chrono Cross RPG US NTSC
47   Chrono Trigger RPG US NTSC
48   Civilization 2 Strategy US NTSC
49   Clock Tower Act/Adv US NTSC
50   Clock Tower 2 - The Struggle Within Act/Adv US NTSC
51   Codename:Tenka Shooter US NTSC
  Colony Wars Shooter US NTSC
  Command & Conquer - Red Alert Strategy US NTSC
  Command & Conquer - Red Alert - Retaliation Strategy US NTSC
52   Contra - Legacy of War Shooter US NTSC
53   Countdown Vampires Act/Adv US NTSC
  Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back Act/Adv US NTSC
  Crash Compilation (1-2-3) Act/Adv US NTSC
  Crash Team Racing Simulation US NTSC
54   Crime Killer Act/Adv US NTSC
55   Critical Depth Shooter US NTSC
56   Croc 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
57   Croc Legend of the Gobbos Act/Adv US NTSC
58   Crusader No Remorse Shooter US NTSC
59   Crusader's of Might & Magic RPG US NTSC
60   Crypt Killer Shooter US NTSC
61   D Act/Adv US NTSC
62   Dance Dance Revolution - 1st Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
63   Dance Dance Revolution - 2nd Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
64   Dance Dance Revolution - 3rd Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
65   Dance Dance Revolution - 4th Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
66   Dance Dance Revolution - 5th Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
67   Dance Dance Revolution - Best Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
68   Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Simulation US NTSC
69   Dance Dance Revolution - Extra Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
70   Dance Dance Revolution - Oha Star Simulation JAP NTSC
71   Dance Dance Revolution - USA Mix Simulation JAP NTSC
72   Danger Girl Act/Adv US NTSC
73   Darkstone RPG US NTSC
74   Dead or Alive Fighting US NTSC
75   Death Trap Dungeon RPG US NTSC
76   Deception 3 - Dark Delusion RPG US NTSC
77   Delta Force - Urban Warfare Shooter US NTSC
78   Descent Shooter US NTSC
79   Descent - Maximum Shooter US NTSC
80   Detana Twinbee Deluxe Shooter JAP NTSC
81   Devil Dice Strategy US NTSC
82   Die Hard Trilogy Act/Adv US NTSC
83   Die Hard Trilogy 2 Shooter US NTSC
84   Digimon Rumble Arena Act/Adv US NTSC
85   Digimon World RPG US NTSC
86   Digimon World 2 RPG US NTSC
87   Digimon World 3 RPG US NTSC
88   Dino Crisis 1 Shooter US NTSC
89   Dino Crisis 2 Shooter US NTSC
90   Disc World Act/Adv US NTSC
91   Disc World 2 - Mortality Bites Act/Adv US NTSC
92   Disruptor Shooter US NTSC
  Dracula - The Last Sanctuary Act/Adv US NTSC
  Dragon Ball Z - Ultimate Battle 22 Fighting US NTSC
93   Dragon Valor RPG US NTSC
94   Dragon Warrior 7 RPG US NTSC
95   Duke Nukem - Land of the Babes Shooter US NTSC
96   Duke Nukem - Time to Kill Shooter US NTSC
97   Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown Shooter US NTSC
98   Earth Defenders   JAP NTSC
346   Echo Night Act/Adv US NTSC
99   Ehrgeiz Fighting US NTSC
100   Einhander Shooter US NTSC
101   Elemental Gearbolt Shooter US NTSC
102   Eternal Eyes RPG US NTSC
103   Evil Dead - Hail to the King Act/Adv US NTSC
104   Expendable Shooter US NTSC
105   Fade 2 Black Act/Adv US NTSC
106   Fantastic Four Act/Adv US NTSC
107   Fear Effect Act/Adv US NTSC
108   Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix Act/Adv US NTSC
109   Fighting Force Act/Adv US NTSC
110   Fighting Force 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
111   Final Fantasy 1 & 2 RPG US NTSC
112   Final Fantasy 3 (SNES Version) RPG US NTSC
113   Final Fantasy 4 RPG US NTSC
114   Final Fantasy 5 RPG US NTSC
115   Final Fantasy 6 RPG US NTSC
116   Final Fantasy 7 RPG US NTSC
117   Final Fantasy 8 RPG US NTSC
118   Final Fantasy 9 RPG US NTSC
119   Fire Pro G   JAP NTSC
120   Forsaken Shooter US NTSC
  Frogger 2 - Swampy's Revenge Act/Adv US NTSC
121   G Darius Shooter US NTSC
122   Galaga - Destination Earth Strategy US NTSC
123   Galerians Act/Adv US NTSC
124   Gekido Act/Adv US NTSC
  Gex Act/Adv US NTSC
  Gex 2 - Enter the Gecko Act/Adv US NTSC
125   Ghost in the Shell Shooter US NTSC
126   Glover Act/Adv US NTSC
127   G-Police Shooter US NTSC
128   G-Police - Weapons of Justice Shooter US NTSC
129   Gradius Gaiden Shooter JAP NTSC
130   Grandia RPG US NTSC
131   Granstream Saga RPG US NTSC
132   Guardian's Crusade RPG US NTSC
133   Guitar Freaks Simulation US NTSC
134   Gungage   JAP NTSC
135   Gunnm Martian Memory   JAP NTSC
  Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Act/Adv US NTSC
136   Harvest Moon - Back to Nature RPG US NTSC
137   Hell Night     PAL
138   Hellboy - Insane Asylum Act/Adv US NTSC
139   Herc's Adventures Strategy US NTSC
140   Hercules Act/Adv US NTSC
141   Hexen Shooter US NTSC
142   Hogs of War Strategy US NTSC
143   Hoshigami - Ruining Blue Earth RPG US NTSC
144   ID4 Independence Day Shooter US NTSC
145   Incredible Crisis Strategy US NTSC
146   Inspector Gadget - Gadget's Crazy Maze Act/Adv US PAL
147   Intelligent Cube Strategy US NTSC
148   Inuyasha - A Feudal Fairy Tale Fighting US NTSC
149   Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft RPG US NTSC
150   Jackie Chan - Stuntmaster Act/Adv US NTSC
151   Jade Cocoon RPG US NTSC
152   Johnny Bazookatone Act/Adv US NTSC
153   Jumping Flash Act/Adv US NTSC
154   Jumping Flash 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
155   Jupitor Strike Shooter US NTSC
156   Jurassic Park - The Lost World Act/Adv US NTSC
157   Kagero - Deception 2 RPG US NTSC
158   Kamen Rider - The Bike Race Simulation JAP NTSC
159   Kartia RPG US NTSC
160   Kileak The DNA Imperative Shooter US NTSC
161   King's Field RPG US NTSC
162   King's Field 2 RPG US NTSC
163   Kingsley's Adventure Act/Adv US NTSC
164   Klonoa - Door to Phantomile Act/Adv US NTSC
165   Konami Arcade Classics Act/Adv US NTSC
166   Koudelka RPG US NTSC
167   Krazy Ivan Shooter US NTSC
347   League of Pain Act/Adv US NTSC
168   Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen RPG US NTSC
169   Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver RPG US NTSC
170   Legend of Dragoon RPG US NTSC
171   Legend of Kartla     PAL
172   Legend of Legaia RPG US NTSC
173   Legend of Mana RPG US NTSC
  Lego Rock Raiders Strategy US NTSC
174   Lethal Enforcers 1 & 2 Shooter US NTSC
175   Lilo & Stitch Act/Adv US NTSC
176   Lion King - Simba's Mighty Adventure Act/Adv US NTSC
177   Loaded Shooter US NTSC
178   Lucky Luke Act/Adv US NTSC
179   Lunar - The Silver Star Story RPG US NTSC
180   Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue RPG US NTSC
181   Machine Hunter Shooter US NTSC
182   Magic Carpet Act/Adv US NTSC
183   Martian Gothic - Unification Act/Adv US NTSC
184   Medievil Act/Adv US NTSC
185   Medievil 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
186   Megaman 8 Act/Adv US NTSC
187   Megaman Legends Act/Adv US NTSC
188   Megaman Legends 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
189   Megaman X4 Act/Adv US NTSC
190   Megaman X5 Act/Adv US NTSC
191   Megaman X6 Act/Adv US NTSC
192   Metal Gear Solid Shooter US NTSC
193   Metal Gear Solid - VR Missions Shooter US NTSC
194   Metal Slug X Shooter US NTSC
195   Micro Maniacs Racing Act/Adv   PAL
196   Mission Impossible Shooter US NTSC
197   Monkey Hero RPG US NTSC
  Monster Rancher Strategy US NTSC
  Monster Rancher Hop A Bout Act/Adv US NTSC
198   Monsters Inc. - Scream Team Act/Adv US NTSC
199   Mr. Driller Strategy US NTSC
200   Myst RPG US NTSC
201   N20 Nitrous Oxide Shooter US NTSC
202   Namco Museum - Volume 1 Act/Adv US NTSC
203   Namco Museum - Volume 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
204   Namco Museum - Volume 3 Act/Adv US NTSC
205   Namco Museum - Volume 4 Act/Adv US NTSC
206   Namco Museum - Volume 5 Act/Adv US NTSC
207   Nightmare Creatures Act/Adv US NTSC
208   Nightmare Creatures 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
209   Norse By Norsewest - Return of the Lost Vikings Strategy US NTSC
210   Novastorm Shooter US NTSC
211   Nuclear Strike Shooter US NTSC
212   O.D.T. Shooter US NTSC
  Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee Strategy US NTSC
213   Off-World Interceptor Extreme Simulation US NTSC
214   Omega Boost Shooter US NTSC
215   One Act/Adv US NTSC
216   One Piece Mansion Strategy US NTSC
217   Overblood Act/Adv US NTSC
  Pandemonium Act/Adv US NTSC
218   Parapa The Rappa Act/Adv US NTSC
219   Parasite Eve 1 RPG US NTSC
220   Parasite Eve 2 RPG US NTSC
221   Parodius Deluxe Shooter JAP NTSC
222   Persona - Revelations RPG US NTSC
223   Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment RPG US NTSC
224   Peter Pan - Return to Neverland Act/Adv US NTSC
225   Philosoma Shooter US NTSC
226   Pipe Dreams 3D Strategy US NTSC
227   Pitball Sports US NTSC
228   Planet of the Apes Act/Adv US PAL
229   PO'ed Shooter US NTSC
  Point Blank Shooter US PAL
  Point Blank 3 Shooter US NTSC
230   Power Shovel Act/Adv US NTSC
231   Power Slave Shooter US NTSC
232   Project : Horned Owl Shooter US NTSC
233   Project Overkill Shooter US NTSC
234   Q-Bert Strategy US NTSC
235   Qix Neo Strategy US NTSC
236   Quake 2 Shooter US NTSC
237   Raiden Project Shooter US NTSC
  Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy's Shooter US NTSC
238   Rascal Act/Adv US NTSC
239   Ray Crisis Shooter US NTSC
240   Ray Tracers Simulation US NTSC
  Rayman Act/Adv US NTSC
  Rayman 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
241   Reboot Shooter US NTSC
242   Resident Evil Act/Adv US NTSC
243   Resident Evil - 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
244   Resident Evil - 3 - Nemesis Act/Adv US NTSC
245   Resident Evil - Director's Cut Duel Shock Version Act/Adv US NTSC
246   Resident Evil - Survivor Act/Adv US NTSC
247   Return Fire Shooter US NTSC
248   Rising Zan - The Samurai Gunman Act/Adv US NTSC
  Rival Schools 2 Fighting JAP NTSC
249   Riven - The Sequel to Myst Act/Adv US NTSC
250   Rogue Trip - Vacation 2012 Simulation US NTSC
251   Roll Away Strategy US NTSC
  Roller     PAL
252   Rosco McQueen Fire Fighter Extreme Shooter US NTSC
253   RPG Maker RPG US NTSC
  R-Type Delta Shooter US NTSC
254   Rugrats - Search for Reptar Act/Adv US PAL
255   Saga Frontier RPG US NTSC
256   Saga Frontier 2 RPG US NTSC
257   Saiyuki - Journey West RPG US NTSC
258   Salamander Deluxe Shooter JAP NTSC
259   Sanvein Shooter US NTSC
  Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase Act/Adv US NTSC
260   Shadow Madness RPG US NTSC
261   Shadow Man Act/Adv US NTSC
262   Shadow Tower Act/Adv US NTSC
263   Sheep Raider - Looney Tunes Act/Adv US NTSC
264   Shellshock Shooter US NTSC
265   Shipwreckers Act/Adv US NTSC
266   Silent Bomber Shooter US NTSC
267   Silent Hill Act/Adv US NTSC
268   Skeleton Warriors Act/Adv US NTSC
269   Skull Monkeys Act/Adv US NTSC
348   Sonic Wings Special Shooter JAP NTSC
270   Soul of the Samurai Fighting US NTSC
  South Park Act/Adv US PAL
271   Space Griffon VF-9 Shooter US NTSC
349   Space Hulk Vengeance of the Blood Angels Shooter US NTSC
272   Spawn - The Eternal Act/Adv US NTSC
  Spec. Ops - Airborne Commando Simulation US NTSC
  Spec. Ops - Covert Assault Act/Adv US NTSC
  Spec. Ops - Ranger Elite Shooter US NTSC
273   Spider Act/Adv US NTSC
274   Spiderman Act/Adv US NTSC
275   Spiderman 2 - Enter Electro Act/Adv US NTSC
  Spryo - Year of the Dragon Act/Adv US NTSC
  Spyro the Dragon Act/Adv US NTSC
  Spyro the Dragon 2 - Ripto's Rage Act/Adv US NTSC
350   Starblade Alpha Act/Adv US NTSC
275   Star Ocean The Second Story RPG US NTSC
276   Star Trek Invasion Shooter US NTSC
  Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles Act/Adv US NTSC
  Star Wars - Masters of Teras Kasi Fighting US NTSC
  Star Wars - Rebal Assault 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
  Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace Act/Adv US NTSC
277   Strider Act/Adv US NTSC
278   Strider 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
279   Suikoden RPG US NTSC
280   Suikoden 2 RPG US NTSC
281   Syndicate Wars Strategy US NTSC
282   Syphon Filter Shooter US NTSC
283   Syphon Filter 2 Shooter US NTSC
284   Syphon Filter 3 Shooter US NTSC
285   Tactics Ogre Strategy US NTSC
286   Tail Concerto Shooter US NTSC
287   Tail of the Sun RPG US NTSC
288   Tales of Destiny RPG US NTSC
289   Tales of Destiny 2 RPG US NTSC
290   Tales of Phantasia RPG JAP NTSC
291   Tecmo's Deception - Invitation to Darkness RPG US NTSC
292   Tenchu - Stealth Assassins Act/Adv US NTSC
293   Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins Act/Adv US NTSC
294   The Adventures of Tron Bonne   US NTSC
295   The City of Lost Children Act/Adv US NTSC
297   The Dukes of Hazzard 2 - Daisy Dukes it Out Simulation US NTSC
296   The Dukes of Hazzard Simulation US NTSC
298   The Emperor's New Groove Act/Adv US NTSC
299   The Fifth Element Act/Adv US NTSC
300   The Incredible Hulk - The Pantheon Saga Act/Adv US NTSC
301   The Mummy Act/Adv US NTSC
302   The Next Tetris Strategy US NTSC
303   Theme Hospital Strategy US PAL
304   Thousand Arms RPG US NTSC
305   Threads of Fate RPG US NTSC
306   Thrill Kill Fighting US NTSC
307   Thunder Force V - Perfect System Shooter US NTSC
308   Tom & Jerry in House Trap Act/Adv US NTSC
309   Tomb Raider Act/Adv US NTSC
310   Tomb Raider 2 Act/Adv US NTSC
311   Tomb Raider 3 - Adventures of Lara Croft Act/Adv US NTSC
312   Tomb Raider 4 - The Last Revelation Act/Adv US NTSC
313   Tomba Act/Adv US NTSC
314   Tomba 2 - The Evil Swine Returns Act/Adv US NTSC
315   Top Gun - Fire at Will Simulation US NTSC
316   Torneko - The Last Hope RPG US NTSC
317   Total Eclipse Turbo Shooter US NTSC
318   Transport Tycoon     PAL
319   Trap Gunner Act/Adv US NTSC
320   Treasures of the Deep Shooter US NTSC
  Twisted Metal Shooter US NTSC
  Twisted Metal 3 Shooter US NTSC
  Twisted Metal Small Brawl Shooter US NTSC
321   Vagrant Story RPG US NTSC
322   Valkyrie Profile RPG US NTSC
323   Vampire Hunter D Act/Adv US NTSC
324   Vanark Shooter US NTSC
325   Vandal Hearts RPG US NTSC
326   Vandal Hearts 2 RPG US NTSC
327   Warcraft 2 - Dark Saga Strategy US NTSC
328   Wargames - Defcon One Strategy US NTSC
329   Wild 9 Act/Adv US NTSC
330   Wild Arms RPG US NTSC
331   Wild Arms 2 RPG US NTSC
332   Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom Act/Adv US NTSC
333   World's Scariest Police Chases Act/Adv US NTSC
334   Worms World Party Act/Adv US NTSC
335   X2 Shooter   PAL
336   Xena Warrior Princess Act/Adv US NTSC
337   Xevious 3D/G+ Shooter US NTSC
  X-Men - Mutant Academy Fighting US NTSC
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