A smile is like a wedge, that takes me from the edge, when I feel sad or blue
A smile is like a wedge, that takes me from the edge, I love a smile don't you?
This is not a shameless self promotion website
This is a page in wich I list basic info of myself, give out links to places that you might to see what they have to offer, and other various things that I like that you might to.
    I'm am a 23 year old male living in the fine state of Virginia. I like all kinda of music. My hobbies and intrests are vast and many, same goes for my music. Comming from the birthplace of techno though, I do favor that. I am licensed as an EMT.
    It's almost Hockey Season Go RED WINGS!!!
Sign the gueat book and I'll think about the free prize.
The offical Lords of Acid and Praga Kahn fan site. Built for you by them. With interactive chat, things to buy, bio's, and more Why not check it out.
This site has many things to tweak your computer, make you mp3's sound better, and protect your computer from intetnet threats.
Still support you local artists.
It works like napster only better, You're still able to get the MP3's that you want, but your also able to get movies, images, and programs.
If youlike to chat on yahoo, then this is a program for you. It uses yahoo chat and allows you to use more options. You got to try it to see.
You aim? Want to have better buddy icons? Then this is where you go. Download anything form snipe buddy, and Jackass Icons.
Use more then just AIM? How about Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and want to chat with IRC? Then this is just what you are looking for. All of those in one program. And easy to use.
Just a new place to chat, people are kinder nad it's self watched. None of those lame bots. Real people all of the time.
You need Java to see this applet.
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