April 11, 2009




league rules - how to play


Membership Information...

 NFDRL offers 2 divisions... 


 Amateur Division - Entry fee ($0) - FREE!!!

Become an "Amateur-Division" member & sign up anytime between 

Jan. 2, 2009 & Feb. 4, 2009  for Full Season Registration


Didn't make the pre-season deadline? - No Problem... You can still become

a member & Sign up for "Late Season Registration" anytime between

Feb. 9, 2009 to Nov. 13, 2009  and compete with other

 league teams for the division trophy and complimentary prizes at seasons end.


Pro Division - Entry fee ($21)

 -(Must be "18"yrs or older To Register)-

Become a "Pro-Division" member & sign up between Jan. 2, 2009 & Feb. 4, 2009,

to compete with other league teams for the division trophy & monetary prizes at seasons end.

 All players, both “Previous” and “New” members, are required to complete the registration

process and submit all information needed to create a team.  Each player must select &

"Qualifying" their team before competing in the league.  Any fees due for league play

must be submitted prior to the season start.


The registration  process can be accessed via this link “Join...NFDRL”

or the registration link to the right of the page.


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team selection & qualifying


  • Drivers Values

How They Rank

TF, FC, & PS - Pro drivers in these classes, hold a  value based on their final finish position from the

2008 season.

PSM -  Pro riders in this class, hold no value & are chosen as "Wildcards".

Values Description (TF, FC, PS)

1st place driver from 2008 = (100pts)

2nd place - 16th place, decreases by 5pts.each = (ex. 95,90,85)

17place & below, & New entries = (20pts each)


The Drivers values are only used to "Qualify" your team and prepare you for league play for the first event.  The values are not used once competition begins.




  • Selecting Drivers

...Changes / Updates for 2009

(8) Drivers - Main Team

Each member will select a team of (8) drivers from the TF, FC, & PS categories, based on their values.  Once selected, your team must total (500pts. or less).

- Your team may not total more than 500pts. -


(1) Rider - "Wildcard Rider"

Each member will then select a "FREE"  "WildCard Rider" from the PSM category for their team.  These riders are free of  "Qualifying" values &  therefore any rider may be selected.  These riders will compete only during their participating events listed and will yield each team "Wildcard Points" for that event.

"Qualifying" Your Team

Once you have made your driver selections from the registrations page, your team will be submitted to NFDRL for approval and "Qualified" by the League Commissioner.  Team owners will then be notified as to their team status.  Teams may be modified at any time during the "Qualifying" session & are due by the submission deadlines listed.

 ---No team in the same Division may be identical---



  • Deadlines For Submitting Your Team


 "Full Season Registration"


 Feb. 4, 2009



 "Full Season Registration"


 Feb.4, 2009



 "Late Season Registration"

- Handicap Rules Apply -


(Starting Feb. 9, 2009)

Friday @ 11:59PM(ET)of the Current

NHRA National Event

(unless otherwise specified)


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2. earning points & scoring


  • Weekly Points

Earning Points

Drivers earn points as/per national results posted by NHRA.  Points are posted as "Pending" awaiting final review at which time they will become "Official".  Any adjustments made by NHRA will be reflected upon points becoming "Official".

The 2009 Countdown to the Championship & all Pro Bonus Series events will

have no affect on the weekly score kept by NFDRL & are not recognized.



  • Team Scoring

"Full Season Registration"

Pro & Amateur Division

 Points are awarded in a weekly format based on

a drivers Qualifying and finishing position following Eliminations.



...Changes / Updates for 2009

"Late Season Registration"

(Starting Feb. 9, 2009)



Teams joining after the "Full Season Registration" deadline, will be given a "handicap" and will abide by the "ON THE BUMP" rule.


Players joining & submitting teams after (Feb. 9, 2009) will be placed at the bottom of the roster and given a "Previous Week's Score" of  50 pts. less than the last place teams "Total Score".  This will be applied to each team joining per race event.


This rule is to ensure fairness to those already managing a team but will allow the new player, providing

they manage their team correctly, to be positioned with the current players and compete to advance in

the division.




...Changes / Updates for 2009

Weekly Results

Weekly team results are posted following eliminations via the "Team Results" link found on the NFDRL

Home Page.  Below is a sample of a team outline.


Weekly Results Updates

Updates to the league points following the current events eliminations, on average,

will  occur after 6pm(et) the day following the event , with some earlier exceptions depending on event location. 



  • Tie Breaking

In the event of a tie of the total score of multiple teams following the

posting of the "Final" league points for the 24th event of the

season, the following terms will apply:

Total Score Tie

Team with most weekly wins....Breaks the tie

Total Score Tie & Weekly Wins Tie

Team with Highest Weekly Score....Breaks the tie

Total Score Tie, Weekly Wins Tie, &

Highest Score Tie

Team with Biggest  Weekly Move....Breaks the tie


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trading drivers


  • Trades

NFDRL trading is known as "Hiring" &  "Firing"

of drivers from your managed team.

Trading Values

Trades are made based on a drivers "Qualifying Position" from the  previously completed NHRA event.  Driver trading is open immediately following the completion of the current events eliminations until the trading deadline stated. 

What Drivers to Trade

TF, FC, & PS - Trades made for these drivers may cross between categories.

PSM - Trades made for "WildCard Riders" must remain within the category. 

When to Trade

Trading begins with event (#2) & continues through event (#23). 

Each team is allowed (8) total trades for the season with (2) trades in TF, FC, & PS per race event.  PSM "WildCard" trades are "FREE" & do not count against your teams trades.


In the event of a race cancellation, trading will continue for the next event with the same  previous  "Qualifying Positions".

 ---No team in the same Division may be identical---



  • Making a Trade

...Changes / Updates for 2009

Submitting a Trade

To make a trade, visit the "Driver Trading" section on the NFDRL Home Page & Fill out the required

fields in the trading form.  When completed, click the submit button.  Each team will then be notified of

their trade status.

( TF, FC, &  PS )

1. Trading a "Qualified" Driver

You may trade any "Qualified" driver in positions (1st-16th) providing:

The driver being "Hired", has a "Qualifying Position" that is the ~ same or less~ than the driver being "Fired".


2. Trading a "Non-Qualified" or "Non-Appearing" Driver

You may trade any "Non-Qualified" driver (17 & Below) or any "Non-Appearing" driver providing:

The driver being "Hired", has a "Qualifying Position" of (17 & Below) or is a driver who did not appear on the "Qualifying List".

( PSM )

3. Trading a PSM "Wildcard Rider" - (Free Trade)

You may trade any PSM "Wildcard Rider" at any time, with no penalty of a trade or required "Qualifying Position" order providing:

The driver being "Hired", is selected from the PSM category.


  • Trading Deadlines

Pro & Amateur


Trading opens at the conclusion of the Complete Event,

& can be submitted through Friday @ 11:59PM(ET)

of the Active Current NHRA National Event

(unless otherwise specified)

Trades made must reflect the 11:59pm(ET) deadline stated in the date/time section of the email

or the trade  will not be valid.


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4. prizes & awards


...Changes / Updates for 2009

NFDRL Championship Trophy


1st Place -  NFDRL Trophy

~(Shipping Charges Will Apply For Trophy)~

2nd Place - Complementary  Prize

3rd Place - Complementary  Prize



1st Place - Payout (50%) & NFDRL Trophy

~(Shipping Charges Will Apply For Trophy)~

2nd Place - Payout (35%)

3rd Place - Payout (15%)


At the conclusion of the season:

Participants receiving trophies will be required to provide a mailing address

and shipping costs for the league trophy.  NFDRL will notify participant

of shipping costs, which must be submitted via pay pal to:

[email protected]  

before trophy orders are completed & shipped. 

Participants receiving complimentary prizes, will be required to provide

a mailing address to receive their prize.



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fees & payments



 Amateur-Division ($0)

Registration is Free - No Fees Required



 Pro-Division ($21)

 -Must be "18"yrs or older- Registration Fee Required-


FEES DUE BY FEB. 4, 2009 @ 11:59PM(ET)
----Fee's only received via Pay Pal----

Send payments to:

[email protected]


 Sign up for your free & secure account



Pro-Division Fees are non-refundable after the closing of Pro-Division registration. 

Payment for teams in the Pro-Division must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2009 @ 11:59pm

following your "Qualified" team approval.  Teams that do not submit fees by the deadline

will be automatically moved to the Amateur-Division for 2009 competition.


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6. computer information


  • Internet Communications

NFDRL is strictly an "on-line" fantasy league which operates under the (ET)

Eastern Time Zone .


All transactions, questions, comments, & concerns, will be made via the internet & all deadlines stated in the league rules will utilize the (ET) Eastern Time Zone...NO EXCEPTIONS.


 NFDRL reserves the right to delay any updates or improvements to this site due to technical difficulty including but not limited to: - Computer systems failure, malicious viruses, ISP provider delays & complications, etc.


Players are requested to use only (1) and the same email address for communication with the league.  Using multiple addresses may cause unwanted complications with email communications for trading & team management.


  • Computer Recommendations


NFDRL has been developed, tested, &  is best viewed in the following set up:


Site Created on Windows XP


(1024 x 768)


Internet Explorer 6.0 & higher  - (Best Viewing)

Netscape 7.0 or higher

Mozilla V2.0.0.9 or higher

Browser Setups

Click on the Links below to make sure your browser is setup

correctly to view NFDRL's web site:

Internet Explorer

Fire Fox



 Adobe Acrobat Reader

All members will need "Adobe Acrobat Reader" installed on your computer to

obtain your weekly results, printable rules,

schedules, etc.

Click the link to the left for a "free" download

of the program.


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7. Disclaimer


  • Conduct of Play

NFDRL encourages that only those who are "SERIOUS" about fantasy league play, should participate in this game.  Those not able to either devote time nor show enthusiasm about fantasy league play, should re-consider before proceeding with registration so that team positions are not taken from those looking for a chance to participate.  NFDRL dedicates many hours of time for web production, as well as monies, provided by the league, towards prizes for the winners.


Unsportsmanlike conduct, to included profanity, threatening, flagrant emails and any non-solicited negative conduct towards the league, will not be tolerated and will result in the dismissal of a members account should actions present themselves.



NFDRL is a part-time & non profit, yearly internet fantasy league that supplies those with an interest for NHRA Pro drag racing, excitement, & entertainment. The NFDRL is governed by commissioner, M.A.Hall, of who oversees the daily / weekly content of the web site and its information that is provided to its members.  Any & all fees collected for the league, are solely for the use of the prizes awarded at the seasons' end, and are not retained by the league or the commissioner for profit.  Web sites, communications tools, snail mailings, & complementary prizes are all funded by the league commissioner at no cost of the members.  NFDRL reserves the right to make any changes needed to promote "positive" relations with its members throughout the racing season.  Issue will be handled on a case by case basis as they arise.  NFDRL prides itself in communicating high standards with its members to provide the best in fantasy league play.  NFDRL's content is solely used to promote the league, NHRA drag racing, and its positive group effort of fun & excitement. The content found here in, is not utilized for profit to the league, but for the promotion of NFDRL and all bodies supporting NHRA drag racing.  NFDRL, the  league, and its commissioner, are not affiliated with any entity or content found throughout its web sites.


 Feel Free to email the commissioner:

Contact NFDRL




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