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2009 Fantasy Drag Racing Season!

If you're serious about NHRA Pro Drag Racing... & looking for a fantasy league...Then look no further!


Join in the fun and compete in this "on-line" Fantasy League using the (4) major Pro categories against other

NHRA fans...



Greetings Everyone...

Welcome to my fantasy world.....I'm M.A.Hall,

League Commissioner of the NFDRL (Nitro Fantasy Drag Racing League).


Like you, I'm an avid NHRA fan who follows NHRA POWERade

drag racing. Based in Md., Maple Grove is my home NHRA Pro track. 

I've followed NHRA since the late 80's & have attended events in

Englishtown NJ., Richmond, Va., Indianapolis, IND. & Bristol, TN.

Ok, so here's the scoop.....after spending several years playin' a

NASCAR Fantasy League, it inspired me to give NHRA its' due, and

 form an NHRA fantasy league.


At the time, very few fantasy leagues existed for NHRA, so..........in 2004,

prior to most current drag racing fantasy leagues, I put some things together

& formed the Nitro Fantasy Drag Racing League or NFDRL for short.  

It's an "on-line" fantasy league based on NHRA standings & points. 


There is no other drag racing fantasy league of its' kind. 

NFDRL offers 2 divisions.  An "Amateur Division" & a "Pro-Division".

 Become a member & compete for trophies and prizes against other

Fantasy League Teams.


When you become a member of NFDRL, you will Select (8)

Drivers &"Qualify" a team.  Test your skills and knowledge of the pro categories against other on-line competitors.  Several trades are allowed per year, but unlike other fantasy league's that force you to pick new team each week, NFDRL makes you earn the win and keeps it more "Challenging" as you become a team owner and managing your team throughout the year.


NFDRL posts the points after each events race so you can manage your team against other NFDRL players and "blast" to the finish!!!




So if you think NFDRL Fantasy Drag Racing is for you....

then scroll to the top right of the page and click on the

links and look around. 


Then...click on the "Join...NFDRL" link to visit

the registration page and sign up ...NOW!!!


Until they fire again...

M.A. Hall

NFDRL League Commissioner





"I own a pro stock bike team and the NFDRL is a great way to get info. Game is easy to play and understand. Customer service is quick to respond and very helpful."

Team Wheels Racing


"The league uses a unique trading format based on qualifying - makes managing your team interesting & challenging".
 Team UE
 2004 Pro-Division Champ

Wow ! What a rush... This is the perfect challenge and test for anyone who likes the NHRA. It's second only to being at the track live. I especially enjoy printing out the "Elimination Ladders" and following along with my team while watching NHRA Drag Racing on  ESPN2. After 2 years in the amateur ranks, next year I will be ready to go to the NFDRL Pro Division.
 Team TX Connection

2008 Amateur-Division Champ

I really had a fun time all year! I check the site out constantly, great commish, good web site; and now a nail biter. I hate 2nd place; just won't do! but if it ends up that way I'll congratulate the winner throw the TV out the window, drink a case of beer and double up my efforts next year. thanks for everything!

Team Road Warrior

'Iím an avid drag racing fan and have always wanted to join a fantasy league. When I found this one I was hooked. It makes for watching races more exciting when you are rooting for your drivers and rooting
against your competitors drivers. This fantasy league
tops all others in any sport!'

Team JB's Nitro Camp
2006 / 2007

 Pro-Division Champ




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