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Monday July 12, 2004. Location: Charlotte North Carolina.

::The Camera appears on Shavone, Tenay, and Brain after the intro::

Shavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To Monday Nitro!

::Crowd Roars::

Shavone: And Tonight we are in for a treat, 3 men, will battle to determine who will face Chris Benoit at the Great American Bash for the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

Tenay: I tell you what Tony, 3 men will battle for a shot at the belt that they persue. Only one will walk out going into the Great American BAsh for a chance to be The WCW champ.

Brain: Who cares who it is, Benoit is gonna waffle whoever it is and take the WCW belt at the Great American Bash.

Tenay: Who ever it is, its gonna be one haeck of a paper view.

Shavone: That and a lot of more action here tonight. Folks let's kick it off.

::Card Rolls to the main event::

Shavone: Folks here we are, the main event. 3 men, only one can win. Who will be facing Chris Benoit at the Great American Bash, folks, don't go away!

::Camera Comes back, Chris Benoit's music hits, Benoit walks to take his seat over at the broadcast booth::

Shavone: Folks, Joining us for commentary is Chris Benoit

Brain: Tony, stand up, respect this man!

Tenay: Easy Brain, thats enough Butt-Kissing for you

Brain: Why you

::Shavone interupts::

Shavone: Chris Benoit, welcome.

Benoit: It's good to be here

Tenay: Chris, im pretty sure your gonna watch this match closely

Benoit: Of course, why do you think im out here Tenay

Brain: Don't mind him Chris, Tenay is an idiot, like the quote goes, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.           
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