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Proven Producers of
Champion & Grand Champion American Pit Bull Terriers
"Where Temperament and Sound Structure make a Difference!!

Welcome to Nitro Kennel, a small kennel located in Kalamazoo Michigan. We came up with the name �Nitro� from a Bass Boat magazine. Named our first show dog Nitro and that was that. Here at Nitro, our goal is to promote the positive aspects of our wonderful breed. All of our dogs are UKC Purple Ribbon bred and come from Champion, Grand Champion, National Grand Champion and Nationally ranked APBT�s. The dogs we select for our breeding program conform to UKC�s breed standard. We started showing in conformation with our male UWP GR CH�PR� Arnett�s Notorious Nitro DNA-VIP OFAg. We also have used him for Breed specific Legislation. Nitro has been in the newspaper and on our local news station for positive promotion of the American Pit Bull Terrier. He has truely changed a lot of minds to the better. Nitro has passed away and now it is up to the rest of our dogs to carry on his wonderful traits to promote our breed. Here at Nitro Kennels temperament is the most important. We raise our dogs with our five kids and do a lot of family functions that also involve our dogs. Structure is also a value and important part of our breeding program. We follow the UKC standard to make sure our dogs can be competitors in anything they do. Beauty is also what we love about our dogs. We follow the UKC Breeders Code of Ethics to make sure our dogs are in the best shape possible. Our dogs are all micro-chipped, DNA-VIP or DNA-P, current on vaccines and health tested. We are strongly against dog fighting and will not knowingly sell our dogs to anyone for illegal purposes. We have titled many dogs and will continue to show and promote the positive image of our beloved breed, they deserve our dedication and our love!

'PR' Nitro's Waverunner Reba 'merit perm nominated'
Reba is 8mths in this picture above, she is out of Gypsy and Astro.

Rest in Peace My sweet Nitro
We miss you

Exciting New UKC program!!
Nominate your sire, see Merit Club far below

Multiple BIMBS and RBIMBS winner!

GRCH'PR' Nitro's A Touch Of Grace aka:Grace owned by Alicia and Mike
Thanks for being an amazing home for my baby girl!
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Dogs are great for many things, they love you
unconditionally and always have time to spare.
They will sit and rest beside you, play the day
away, or lick you to show how much they care.

Dogs know that with a little affection,
they can make your troubles disappear.
They stand guard to protect the ones they love, without hesitation or fear.

Dogs offer their paw in friendship
and bark to show you their emotion.
They truly are a great pet filled with
loyalty, friendship, love and devotion.*by Wendy Silva

Here are a few dogs bred here at Nitro Kennels

We Breed for Temperament, Size and Beauty

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Please stop breeding purebred dogs
to another breed!!
Help stop animal abuse!

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Shawn and Debra Arnett
Kalamazoo, MI

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