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Welcome to Nachoe's Web site

Pedro M. Menacho

(aka. Nitoco, aka. Nightly Interlude)

It is all about my family, my freinds, and my passions in life

There are many things that you could say get my adreniline pumping as well as my heart going. First there is my family. I mean all of my families. There is the relationship I have with my mother, father, brothers, and sister. There is also there relationship I have with my ex-wife (which I think I lucked out by having her as a very good friend rather than what most poeple have)and my first son (Pedro M. Menacho Jr.). Then there is ofcourse my relationship with my present wife and my next to kids (Allen Martin , and Paul Miguel). I truly think I am blessed with all three of my children and the two women that rise them.

Second thing would have to be my friends. My real good friends in which sometimes you would feel that there is someting missing when they are not around. These friends of mine are like my brother, and I hold them just as dear as I would my own brothers. The freinds of mine hold alot of things in common with me, which is what makes us so close. On the other hand, our differences usually fills each others voids, which seals that bond that we have. Even though we have slightly grown up and have our different responsibilities we always find a way to have some kind of youthfull fun to keep us young mentally. No matter what we are there for each other.

Last I would imagine it would be my hobbies. Those are custumizing sport compact imports (epecially honda preludes). I am a member of a nationwide online prelude club ( I am vice president of a local Atlanta Ga. car club (Team Interelude). Computers is another passion for me. You could say I am a true computer geek, and I am not ashamed to say it. Right now I have been planning to combine my two hobbies with my last passion of music. By building a computer in my prelude so that I could enjoy listening to my mp3 music in my car. Last there is the passion of martial arts. I perfer Chinese martial arts but i respect all martial arts. At the present time I study the kung-fu style called Choy Li fut. I think with hard work I can achieve a great deal in that art. Other arts I like is Mantis style and eagle claw, but they will come later.
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