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Nitin Jindal
My Experiences In Sahaja Yoga
Nitin Jindal, New Delhi
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
It had been around six months since I had received my self-realization. Although I used to feel very light and calm after meditation, I still wasn't clear about the identity of Shri Mataji and the degree of my faith.

The Protection

One night, in the hostel of my college, my friends and I decided to go for a movie. It was decided that one friend of mine and I would go early and get the tickets. We were short of time and I was driving at around 80 km/h on a Yamaha motorcycle. I was overtaking a DTC bus and was sandwiched between it and the divider. Suddenly I found myself facing a scooter side-on that had come out of a cut in the divider I hadn't noticed. As braking was out of the question at such a short distance, I tried to manoeuvre but banged straight into it. I have a hazy memory of being led into the nearby nursing home. I gathered my full senses lying down in a bed. To my utter amazement and disbelief, except for a slight cut in my lower lip and a slight sprain in my ankle, I was virtually unscathed. Later on I came to know that my ISI marked semi-professional helmet had split into two from the impact. As my leg had got entangled in the bike, I had been dragged quite some distance along with it and even the DTC bus had narrowly missed running over me. It was a second life for me in the truest sense of the phrase. Even my friend who had been thrown off the bike from the impact had luckily (?) landed straight on his helmet only and stood smiling in front of me, equally amazed at his being scratchless. Therafter, we somehow managed to circumvent the bystanders who wanted to take us to the police station as the scooter-driver had sustained multiple fractures in his leg.We found the motorcycle in shambles, disfigured badly. Stupefied, wee loaded the remains in a rickshaw and headed for our hostel. En route, at the urging of my friend, we stopped at a temple and thanked the almighty with all our hearts.

It was only later that I realized that I had a photograph of Shri Mataji in my wallet on being queried by other Sahaja Yogis. With two new births in a span of six months, I had a lot of reflection to do at my hand.

The Enjoyment
From now on I started doing my meditation with much more faith. And I found all I had been hoping to find in college politics, pop music, and various books on Vedanta etc. in myself only. The treasury of peace, joy and harmony that Sahaja Yoga had unlocked within me was far richer than any pot of gold I had hoped to find at the end of the various rainbows I was chasing. Every nerve in the body danced to the divine music giving joy indescribable during my bouts of meditation. I realised that Sahaja Yoga is the infinite ocean from which anyone can take only as much as the depth of his own seeking.

The Liberation
I gradually was able to get rid of my 5 years of regular addiction to smoking and drinking. It was a welcome change from the status of being the renowned "tanker" of the college. All I had to do whenever I felt the urge to smoke was simply remember Shri Mataji and the urge would gradually disappear. Though I had attempted to quit smoking on umpteen number of times earlier also, I had always switched back. Now, however I felt that the urge itself had disappeared. In fact I soon started finding tobacco smoke suffocating and repulsive. Now three years have passed since my last drink or puff and I sincerely believe that the addiction has been truly removed from the grass root level.

My fears, aggressiveness and mood swings gradually melted into the stream of divine love that was nurturing me. The new persona that emerged surprised greatly my friends as my whole attitude had become more calm and reassuring. One senior even confusedly commented how I had now begun to look more "decent". Though not realised, he was obviously feeling the effect of vibrations.

The Blessings
The campus was now abuzz with placements in different companies going on. The second company I had applied to was a software consultancy firm. However I came to know that I did not meet both the age and percentage criteria set by them. But to my pleasant surprise, on the day before the written test, both the criteria were so relaxed that I just managed to qualify. The written exam was cleared and I was called for the interview. On the morning of the interview, I woke up at the exact time my interview was scheduled for. However, I decided not to leave without my daily morning meditation. Sure that I had missed my interview, I arrived at the interview venue exactly one hour late to witness the process start just before me. I could almost feel Shri Mataji around me reassuring me. In a similar manner my Summer Training had been fixed at the last moment when every other avenue had closed down in a software organisation. That helped me answer quite a few questions in the interview and I was selected.

Besides these incidents there have been innumerable instances in my life after coming to Sahaja Yoga where I've felt patiently being corrected, comforted and guided, or even simply blessed, but never without the characteristic humour which taught me to laugh at myself. Slowly as the flower blooms, so have I been witnessing the unfurling of truth within and without. For all that Sahaja has bestowed upon me, I think it would be impossible to thank Shri Mataji just as one can't thank the mother Earth enough for her gifts to mankind

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