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About me

I was a PhD candidate in Dept. of Computer Science at Univ of Washington . My advisor was Richard Karp. I also worked with Hank Levy and Anna Karlin.

Currently, I am on indefinite leave of absence from school working for Google. Here is a link to my resume

Before that, I worked for Yahoo! leading a Data Mining research group. [Mar'01 - Mar '06].

Even before that, I worked for Akamai where I was part of the team that wrote the Akamai FreeFlow(tm) server. [Oct'99 - Mar '01]

Research interests

Data Mining, Algorithms (especially Combinatorial Optimization), Bioinformatics and Web Caching.

Some of my work at Yahoo:

Much of this work was done in collaboration with fabulous colleagues at Yahoo, though there are some individual efforts too.

Note: These presentations are only accessible from within Yahoo Intranet

Advertising/Targeting focussed

  1. Identifying Travel Shoppers Using Clickstream Analysis (Abstract) [Oct '02]

  2. Predicting Purchase Intent Using Clickstream Analysis (Abstract) [Oct '01]

  3. Strategies for Optimizing Ad Campaigns (Abstract) : Creative Optimization [May '01]

Network/Corp focussed

  1. A Data-driven Framework for Product Integration (Abstract) [Feb '05]

  2. Engagement Index: A Proposal (Abstract) [Jul '04]

  3. A Case For Redesigning Logout Page (Abstract) [Jul '04]

  4. Universal Navigation Header (Abstract) [Feb '04]

  5. Low Engagement Users: A Risk and an Opportunity (Abstract) [Jan '04]

  6. Understanding New Registration Trends on Yahoo! (Abstract) [Oct '03]

  7. Impact of Property Redesigns on Property Traffic [Sept '03]

  8. Three is the Tipping Point (Abstract) [Mar '03]

  9. Impact of Windows XP Adoption on Usage on Yahoo! [Dec '02]

  10. Investigations Into The B-Cookie Churn Issue (Abstract) [Mar '02]

Business Unit focussed

  1. On Strategic Value of Toolbar to Yahoo (Abstract) [Apr '05]

  2. A Competitive Analysis of Search Engines (Abstract) [Aug '04]

  3. A User-Centric Analysis of Y! Instant Messenger (Abstract) [Jun '04]

  4. A Case For Improving Overture Coverage [July '03]

  5. A User-Centric Analysis of Yahoo! Mail - [May '03] (Abstract)
  6. A User-Centric Analysis of Yahoo! Search (Abstract) [Feb '03]

  7. An Analysis of Yahoo! Home Page Usage (Abstract) [Dec '02]

Some of my work at UW and earlier:

Web Caching

Computational Biology

Real Time Scheduling

Other Stuff

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