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Why Is Racism on the Rise?
7.30pm Wed 11 August, Robinsons Bottom Bar
opposite the Europa Hotel (Great Victoria Street)

Speaker: Barbara Muldoon - [ARN Steering Committee (personal capacity)]
The new wave of attacks on ethnic minorities in South Belfast have once again brought in to sharp focus the horrific edge of racism.  For a long time it has been argued that racism cannot be a feature of society within N. Ireland, since sectarianism over shadowed every thing else.
The nature of the attacks brings into question the role of institutions like the Housing Executive and the police.  So too does the inaction of politicians.
Barbara Muldoon who is active in the ARN and represents many refugees and ethnic minorities on the receiving end of racist policies will outline the reasons for the rise in racial attacks.

The third European Social Forum (ESF) will take place from 14-17 October in London.


The Eamonn McCann Column

A French hoax and a plane landing in Tel Aviv
LAST MONTH, a ‘plane from Paris chartered by the Israeli government landed at Tel Aviv airport carrying 200 Jewish immigrants. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was on hand to greet the new citizens.

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