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Renewing strength
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Dimentions of Spiritual Warfare
Seasoned with Salt?
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Bible terms.
Growing in grace
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Is the Church safe?
Kingdom wealth
Absolutely Rejected!
The Voice Of Men
Righteousness & Justice
Why revival tarries
The power of rebellion
Institutionization of Faith
Growth of the Sheep?
The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever?


Welcome to the Nissi network Home page. We hope the contents of this web site will bless you in your walk with God.

Our Mission

As the theme of the fellowship goes, we aim through this website to contribute towards the spiritual development of youths; sharing some of the resources that God has made available to us. Some of the contents of this website are controversial; therefore we enjoin you to pray that God will open your eyes to see that which is of His and protect you from that which is not. God bless you.

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For more Information, comments, observations ... what ever, please write us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Snail mail will get to us at Nissi network, Youth fellowship, c/o Oritamefa Baptist Church, P.M.B. 14, Agodi Post Office, Ibadan, Nigeria. 

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Youth fellowship, Oritamefa Baptist Church, Total Garden, Ibadan, Nigeria
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