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NAME:-                             brad

CAR:-                                1988 Nissan Skyline R31 executive series 3.

COLOUR:-                        Platinum glow/ black

ENGINE:-                          RB30e.

ENGINE MODS:-             POD Filter.    Cool air induction.


CAR MODS:-                   14" 3pt performance raceline mags w/ bridgestone tyres.

                                          Pioneer DEH-P4350  w/remote.   Pioneer 150w 2way 6".    Pioneer 240w 3way 6x9.    Pioneer 500w sub.    Boss 400w amp.

                                          R31/S2 GXE Front bucket seats.

                                          R31/S3 GXE Steering wheel.

                                          Holden Commodore VL mirrors.

                                          Clear front indicator lenses w/ orange bulbs.

                                          Original trim/bumpers changed to black.

                                          Immobilizer car alarm and central locking


CAR EXTRAS:-                Red neon lights in car mounted underneath dash and front seats.

                                          Blue neon light mounted in boot.

                                          Red LED wiper jets.

                                          55w Driving lights mounted/cut into front bumper

                                          Type R racing pedals.

                                          Nismo™ motorsport international shoulder pads.

                                          Red lights in dash (instead of the standard green).

                                          Scorpion© Tow bar.


My Nissan Story

since i have acquired this car in February of 2002 i have made many changes some good some bad and sometimes i have changed one thing a lot of times. first things first when i got this car it was not in the best of conditions the paint had faded away over time, parts where worn on the car and a battery had exploded in the engine bay (SHIT).

the first change that i made to my car was removing the original pin strip, the reason for removing this is the stripping was starting to fall off in some place and was missing in others but the number one reason why i removed it was that i didn't like it.

the next change that i made to my car was removing the hubcaps and re-spraying them to try and conceal the gutter scraps from the previous female driver. it was at this time that i thought i hate the colour of the bumpers and trims. so the next day i went to supercheap auto and brought some matt black bumper bar black and set about pulling and masking crap on the car.

i decided to move the number plate to see how many stupid looks i could get but it failed to work the only result of it was that some guy/girl from a couple of streets away started to copy shit on my car like moving the number plate painting the bumpers and trims and taking off the passengers side mirror. the mirror removal was not me some person stole it while parked at QUT.  

once all this was completed i started just changing stuff on my car at random and as it needed to be fixed. i gave the car a much needed oil, oil filter and coolant change the day after, along with a wash... something this car hadn't had for over a year. over the next couple of months i done more and more to the car.

i install a decent basic stereo system as the standard just wasn't working for me (as a temp thing i had a mp3 cd player and a  tape converter with the original speakers and head deck). i went to JB hi-fi and brought myself a Sony Xplod head deck, it came with free 6" speakers. installed the head deck and cut out the holes in the parcel shelf for the sonny speakers ( don't try to cut maceonite.... stupid idea), i also got my friends pioneer 6" speakers in the front. 

I added in some blue neon rods, 2 in the front of the car but that didn't last long as i preferred the red ones. i changed the 2 front bucket seats for some 2nd wreckers ones only cost me $50 for the pair and there better than the originals.


a later modification that i made was installing driving lights into the front bumper to try and add a bit of character to the  front of the car during the night. i also put xenon blue bulbs into the head lights.

i installed some racing pedals as i hated to look down at night while i was driving and see just plain pedals, especially while the neons where on.

when i started to notice that my washer jets weren't working i changed the water bottle pump but that still didn't help it so i changed the jet to some red led ones... for what reason i have no idea but it looks pretty good sitting in complete darkness and then just seeing some red eyes coming towards you, or so i'm told by freinds.

my next change was to the stereo system as i didn't really like it that much, when i heard that my brother was selling his astra which had good system in it (he got a 2003 suzuki jimny) i offered to buy his head deck, amp and sub but for some reason he wanted to keep the amp and sub so he sold me the head deck.

so with my new pioneer head deck i need some good speakers to go with it so back to JB i went and brought a pair of pioneer 240w 3way 6x9 speakers. but as usual i need to make changed so i ripped out the original parcel self got a piece of MDF and built a new parcel shelf with spacer brackets so that i didn't need to cut the metal shelf.

other changes that got made where changing the dash lights to red all this required was getting red sleeves (or condoms) and placing them over the bulbs. i also painted parts of the interior to black.

it was about at this point when the car went and had a shit at me, driving to work one day (raining) and the jsut over heated like anything. so i got it home and the next day investigated what the problem was... i have no mechanial experience i just guess, but i went and brought a car bible. i saw coolant leaking from the block and thought "ahh must just be a split hose" so i replaced the radiator hoses and housings... the problem still remained so i pulled the water pump out and found it was shit put in a new one and shes workin fine agin. until later...

next i decided to get rid of the original aerial as it was just shit and broken, i went and got one from supercheap auto as well as some bogg and paint, pulled the old one out put the new one in and bogged up the holes left by the old one, and had myself a new aerial.

My next gain was a set of mag wheels and a new steering wheel. the reason why i choose to get these to rather than things that look flash as, its simple they would be worth more than the car.

i got the wheels and and steering wheel from my sisters boyfriend who was and probably still is selling his 1989 GXE skyline so i brought them of him just as a temp thing until i felt like i wanted to spend a fortune on it.

a few weeks later after i got back from seeing my girlfreind in adelaide (luv u babe) i put a sub and amp in my car, i had some idea on how to do it as the first chance i got to do one was when i was down seeing my girlfrind and she wanted me to put her one in for her along with her new head deck and wiring.

 i put on a pod filter  after this just to add a bit of class and noise to my engine. i also added in a heatshield and cool air induction system to help it along. i also installed my VL mirrors onto the skyline with a bit of drilling onto the car.

the next problem i encountered was a power problem some mornings or just drivng along the car would have no power but the car would still work just no instruments, lights, stereo ect. this went on for about a month before i went and tried an idea by putting a power distributing block for all the power cables that where on the battery (7 of them... there's the answer). problem fixed or so i hope it is, i haven't had the problem since.

after my girlfreind was up here and i had to drive to the gold coast a lot to see her my car kept on losing coolant and i couldn't work out why until the other day when i saw coolant leaking onto the block from the heater hoses, so off to nissan to get the pipes and fix it.

which brings you up to date as far as things go.... or until i remember things that i have forgotton. in the future i wish to put on more performance modifications but at the moment money is the problem... who would have thought.

wanted mods in no order.    rb20det w/ 5spd transmission.   17" mags.   full jet black paint job.   new interior.   projector headlights.   bodykit.


My car currently  as at 20th february 2004


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