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                                 NISSAN MOTORSPORTS INTERNATIONAL
This car to the left and right is a nissan 350 Z but this car may look familiar to people who have played grand tourismo 3 because it is. its full name under Nismo Tuning is the 350 z S-tune for all of the added things to an already excellent car
This truck here is the Nissan Frontier it features a larger engine and every thing sport tuned for people who will want this truck
This car here is the ever so popular Nissan Skyline
it also is not available in the U.S.A this Car Boasts a 3.0 litre I-6 which is inline opposed to a V-6 this engine puts out as much horse power as a 350 Z !!!!
this is the Sentra SE-R Spec-v it features a 2.5L I-4 that puts out 175 hp stock
after i get through with one 270 ALL MINE BITCH
due to certain problems with yahoo i cannot further update this page  plz check l8r
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