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Limited Edition Quantities Produced

These limited editions have been produced in relatively small numbers. They have been the most requested images. There are two categories of limited editions, "Proofs" and "Signed and Numbered".

All Limited Edition Prints Come With a
Certificate of Authenticity


Gallery Proof, Artist Proof, and Printers Proof editions are sub-editions in the printing process. Traditionally it meant that the quality would be different, but with today's technology that's no longer the case. All proof editions are of the same quality.

Each and every piece in the Proof Editions is hand highlighted by the artist herself (unless otherwise noted). This makes each one slightly unique.

Signed and Numbered:

The signed and numbered editions are of the same quality as the proof editions, though they are not hand highlighted, as the proof edition are. Produced in relatively small editions, each is individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition Quantities Produced

TitleGallery ProofArtist ProofPrinters ProofSigned/Num.Total
Eternal Strength 10 25 25 250 310
Cascades in Moonlight 11 75 75 750 911
Pacific Moon Calling 10   25 250 310
First Light 10 25 25 250 310
Mystic Falls     25 250 310
Heaven's Hint 10 25 25 250 310
Emon Sunset 10 25 25 250 310
Liar*   25 25 500 550

 *Note - there is no hand highlighting available on this pre-released piece.

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