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Hearty welcome to my web space !!!
To start with let me tell you my story.. I am Nishika Sanjita Girish. I made a dramatic entry to this dear world on the 8th of June 2005. Mom and Dad were speechless seeing me!! . Ofcourse I am a pretty princess and the apple of everyone's eye in my family.



My Room

This is my little world. Can you see the lion , white tiger and elephants ?? It all started with a Disney theme with Mickey, Pooh and Minne but then slowly wild animal collections started ... so my room is a " Wild Disney theme".  

I have Malawi theme wall borders , toy box and crib. I have a whole lot of toys. Some of my current favorites are ... crawl ball, dinosaur ball game , roll 'n' ride, Neat and tidy cottage.





More and more about me :

I am a very active kid ( I always like to keep amma and appa running behind me !!!). I don't like sleeping as it reduces my play time. I love the sound of papers and kitchen utensils. I love my toys too...but the music from the paper tear is awesome!!! Geetha patti and thatha were the ones to take care of me for the first three months. I learned to gaze at different colors, smile and giggle. They kept talking to me about different things..I loved their company. Amma appa used to come back from work. Appa taught me pow-pow game. I win most of the times...he couldnt move his hands as fast as I did. I enjoyed the game so much!. Amma would play jump jack with me ... she would sing so many cute songs. She cuddles me and calls me pumpkin !!! Well, I am in the kitchen...when I bend down I can see my reflection !!! mmmm towards "kutti karanam". If you need more explanation will try to post a video soon. I  have learned to crawl. I can go all over. Amma is scared to keep any valuable things in my reach.


What I am doing now.............??
I love to play with the 42'' appa's TV. I like to stand up holding the  stand and bang the TV. I like to put my hands through the glass doors and touch the DVD player where red and green lights twinkle all the time. I can hold a phone and say .. "haa tooo" (hello) in my baby talk. I can locate my mom's voice and crawl to her wherever she calls me...(Oh this was a month back I have started to walk now!!!)

I love to play in water with my bath toys. I hate to get out of the bath tub. I am learning to swim !!!!!  I can walk , climb stairs and babble in my baby language non stop !!! Now that it is summer I go to park daily.  I love to play in the slide and also make new friends :).

I have been walking for more than a month now. This keeps everyone around me busy. I love the weather now and want to be out doors all the time. When mom takes my shoe away I dont like it and keep syaing "sho sho" so she takes me out again :).

I have added a lot of new words in my dictionary. I can now say : amma, appa, mum-mum, thatha, paatti, thithi, mama, ooom, thi(tree),anna ...


 Upcoming events :
I am turning 1 and my parents are hosting a party on the 10th of June following my Birthday June 8th. I am sure to have a lot of fun.

Places I visited: My parents love to travel and I am sure I have the genes !!!!  I enjoy seeing places . My dad is a wonderful photographer he has won awards for his best photography. So naturally all the sweet memories of visiting places are etched here in my travel photo gallery  .

Indiana Dunes (July '05)

Visit to Pittsburgh (First visit to temple)

Banff- Canada (September '05)

India - Bangalore, Chennai (November '05)

Will be adding more to this section as I discover the world around me ....keep checking !!!

My Poses :
When I am so cute what would stop mom and dad from clicking pictures. Have a look at  my pictures here

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