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chellammal - 12/21/00 13:43:33
My Email:[email protected]
City: chennai
State: tamil nadu
Country: india
How did you bump into my page: u told me to


Leela Varghese - 10/17/00 23:00:29
My Email:[email protected]
City: Tampa
State: FL
Country: USA
How did you bump into my page: by chance.. was searching for my friend

Neat page. Interesting story.. Pictures not loading properly.

vidhya - 07/22/00 03:06:21
My Email:[email protected]
City: palakkad
State: kerala
Country: INDIA
How did you bump into my page: BY LUCK


Sujatha - 07/19/00 11:59:12
My Email:[email protected]
City: Chennai
State: TamilNadu
Country: India
How did you bump into my page: I happened to be ur friend & u were nice enough to give me ur address

Nisha, Ur site is very nice. It was great to read thru in the net bout u,ur fly,we friends & all that. I really felt great when i could see all our faces stuck up there.Seriously,it was long since i saw Bhu,Navi,Radhi,Chells...Thnx 4 including me in ur friends list. Y didn't u put up maam's photo? Would u mind if i gave u a suggestion? The bgcolor is pleasant but not attractive--try colors like dark mauve,royal blue or something which is catchy.Do change the font also.. Otherwise this works out to be a real good job only!Great,coz i can't do such things! Keep ur SWEET smile alive FOREVER... Suja

Chitra - 07/13/00 18:30:19
My Email:[email protected]
City: Wheeling
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
How did you bump into my page: My Sweet Nisha told me

Good work..I am proud of you. All the best for your future. It was very nice to see some of your classmates. I am reminded of those golden days at Chellammal. It is so nice of you to remember me but I havent done anything big or extra for you.. Hats off to you, my Nisha once again.

Unni Krishnan K. A. - 05/20/00 07:49:28
My Email:[email protected]
City: Doha
State: Qatar
Country: State of Qatar
How did you bump into my page: By communication

Though, graphics seems to be very dark, nicely arranged. Background colour seems not much attractive anyway. Generally, have done very good job. Keep it up!....

Narayanan Kandathil - 05/19/00 18:15:04
My Email:[email protected]
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Country: USA

I liked the way you have arranged the photos. Nice to read how you met your husband... Good Luck !

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