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Hello friends, I am Nishant Agarwal. I am 25, a software engineer, working in Los Angeles. As any other young person, I love life. If ever I get a chance to make your day, to make you smile, my God is in your heart. And that's my religion. Moving forward is important in life. But not with Ambition. With Passion. Passion is what gets you there.

Get to me, be my friend.


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Code - My Tutorials - My Articles

Port Scanner script in Perl

C program to check endian-ness of machine

Java Socket Programming Tutorial

A simple explanation of function pointers as explained to a student of Operating systems course

My Unix Network Programming Project UML class diagram

Routing sequence diagram

Process Table UML

RPC sequence diagram

Design by Contract (an excerpt from UML distilled)

Matrix multiplication code   Multi-threaded code for the same (there is a bug, I have to resolve it)

Concurr and Conquer - an article by me on concurrency

A short tutorial on Algorithms, Complexity, Big-O notation and NP-completeness

A walk through to code famous data structures: Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees

A walk-through of the book: The Unix Operating System by Maruice Bach

Critical Sections, Monitors, Mutexes, Synchronization and multi-threading explained

C++ inheritance unraveled: public, protected or private?

Basic UML for the programmer: class diagrams and sequence diagrams

Makefile tutorial

g++ or gcc tutorial

Debugging 101 by Nishant

The art of object-oriented programming

Common Java, C, C++ tips and tricks

Software Testing : what every beginner should know

A short talk on Design Patterns


C# and .Net

C# Tutorial


How to code crash-proof C/C++ code?

A practical and greatly helpful article, shows that its not impossible to crash proof your code.

Function pointers

Everything you need to know about function pointers.


Very very informative FAQ. I used it to understand inheritance issues, but it covers virtuall all common questions for C++.


Thread Synchronization in Java

How to get true multi-threading in Java. One of my favorite articles.

Java Swing Tutorial: create front-ends in Java.


Computer Science

Finite State Automata

BNF - Backus Naur Form

Fuzzy Logic

The Art of War - by Tsun Zsu

Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering

Design Patterns

The classical 23 design patterns by the Gang of Four.

SmallTalk Tutorial

The one which started it all. SmallTalk.

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