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The Latest News...
4/9/2006Today is the OFFICIAL website re-opening!New look,photo's..new everything!Also,Nisha is no longer an Angel Skin model but is going to re-join them in future!
12/8/2006NISHA is already the featured model over at Angel Skin!In a recent message to all the members of their site they said they are 'eagerly anticipating more photos',they can't get enough!
11/8/2006NISHA officially joined the fellow 'alternative' models at Angel Skin today!CONGRATULATIONS!Have a look in the galleries on here for some of those images and head over to the links section for links to Angel Skin.

What Is New To The Website?
25/10/2006Both the Gallery and Pin-up sections have been updated with photos.
Also the Journal has it's first entry!
31/8/2006The links section's been updated with an sAINT Photography link.
12/8/2006The links section has been updated with an Angel Skin link.

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