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Nov. 10
Man I haven't written in a while . Well, not much going on just school, work, friends, and fam like usual. Well, more like school, work, and roommates and sometimes fam and sometimes friends. Werid I know. I'm hoping I'll get to see my nephews and sis and mom and stuff more on X-mas break. Its towards the end of the semster now and I don't feel like doing any hw nothing. I just can't wait for the break. Come soon.
Aug. 19
Well summer is practically over.School starts this Wednesday and no I am not excited. I'm actually scared. Its just that I need to do real good this semester. U know like pick up my GPA and stuff the only problem is I have more things going on now so I only hope I don't fold under the pressure. Maybe I'll work harder under the stress who knows.  I feel so unprepared though. I haven't even looked for my books or practiced my spanish like I said I was. Also, I'm still debating my career goals. I just can't let go of my ideals. Ok I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope everything goes according to plan. On the up side I am going to CC this weekend hopefully I'll come back refreshed and ready like always. Gosh I miss that place. 
Aug. 1
Ok so the summer has finally started to pick up starting about 3 weeks ago. Yup I got a job at Dillards yay for me! I actually enjoy it a lot I get to dress up in pretty clothes and stay in the air conditioning and be around pretty clothes all day. Its great and the people that I work w/ are really laid back and funny so its all good. Sadly enough though I have gotten homesick. Yes folks its true I miss my mommy. I  hate talking on the phone and rarely do it for more than 10 minutes at the most. So this has really put a downer on my mom and I's relationship. I mean I am use to telling her everything. The other night I had a dream that our house in Eagle Pass was on fire as my Pita, mom and I were falling a sleep. It was so werid b/c in my mind I knew the kitchen was on fire I saw the fire growing each second as my eyes came closer and closer to closing. Then all of a sudden I realized it was on fire and went to go do something and ended up catching on fire. The weridest thing was that the first thing I did was go running to my mom and yelling, "MOM my arm is on fire what do I do?!" She was of course was half asleep and did not have a direct answer for me. In my head I was like maybe I should pat it down or roll or something but I didn't do anything but wait for my mother's instructions while my arm was on fire. I know this has to mean something. I don't know exactly what yet but I know it means something. Wait till I tell my mom she'll probably know.
July 12
ok so its been forever and longer since I've updated. I don't know why I do it now well ok yah I do its cause I'm bored again. lol. Anyway the summer has been peaceful. I miss home more than I thought I would. I miss hanging out and just being a kid. In Corpus I have my mom and Jamie and my closest friends with them I have no worries. Here in Austin I'm on my own. I'm an adult. Being an adult is overrated. I can't believe I was so quick to grow up. Its like I have  two lives in one I'm a kid in the other I'm a grown up. Hopefully I'll find a balance soon. Other than that life couldn't be better got a new job, my own apartment, visits to CC, and inspiration.
May 16
School is over! Freedom! I expierenced freedom for like one night than the world punched me in the face and set me on fire. Life I tell u never seems to be w/o struggle. Surprisingly when I truly think about it I wouldn't have it any other way. Its kinda the only way I know I am doing something right. If life was simple and carefree it wouldn't be worth living. At least this is the theory I like to live by plus it helps me get through the rough times. Does it make any sense? Only certain people know. wink.
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