The Stupid Things People Say!
" NO really even me as a guy when he flashed us I was like in awe. I was seriously in PENIS AWE."---Drunk guy on bus

"He's like a lone ranger numb cowboy"---Eli

"Why are u just looking down?" "I like to look down at the people while in the elevator it makes me feel powerful." "But there is no one out there?" ---Eli, PIp and I

"Hey when do u think we'll get our hearing back?" "what?!!!" "exactly"---Pip and I

"Yah the whole Alex kissing scene freaked me out" "Uh, I'm pretty sure they weren't kissing " "Why do u do it?WHy?"---Pip and I

"Oh I know what song it is! Its I wanna fuck u like a animal, right?"  "No its the Ritz song! Why would I put that song on ur cd? "...awkwardness---Sara and I

"All teenagers wanna do is fuck!"---drunk play guy

"Alex I hate U!" "Hey that sounded really mean." "Would it make u feel better if I giggled after I said it?" "Actually, yah"---Elia and Alex

"How dare u compare our asses!" "Alright fine Denise ur ass is lucious and Pearl urs is delicious."---Lindsey

"U have itchues!" "U mean issues?"---Elia

While eating Pip's chocolate b-day cake Elia notices it is after 12 and says,"Its not ur b-day anymore!," then she takes another bite and laughs in his face.--Elia

Pip then repeats what she says but adds bitch at the end therefore saying, "Its not ur b-day anymore, bitch!"which translates to Pip called himself a bitch.Let us reflect.--Pip

Remember Lindsey's nickname "Lindsey eats breakfast for bitches" says sara but no sara its "Lindsey eats bitches for breakfast Cude"

Lindsey responds,"U hear that I eat breakfast for all u bitches!" and looks around at everyone in the room. I say, "Hey that's not cool stop eating my breakfast!"

I totally schooled U!" says Densie.Sonya's response"MAn I built that school." The Crowd goes "OOOoooo"and Denise lowers her head in shame and says "nu uh!" Sonya's response"ya huh!"---Two WOman play Sonya and I

Next time Sonya tells me that I'm gonna say"Oh yah, well I own the property that school was built on," yes I'm back in the game!---me

Motherfucker! Yes I am.---American Wedding

I am Caca and u are Cacado and together we shall be the ultimate fighting team-- Sara and I

How do u spell caca?---none ur business

When trying to speak Japanese Sarah says, "Imacaca" translation"I'm a caca"--Sarah

While playing combat pool Sarah yells from the top of her lungs,"Bling Bling!"--Sarah

If registration was a person he'd be a asshole because he would tell you all about these awesome classes then  wouldn't let you in them.---Pip

If registration was a person I'd kick his ASS!---hmm

It was hurting and they told me to pop it so I did and now it hurts more.--dumbboy

What?So my name is going to be Squishy and Nuts? SquishyNuts!---Sonya

I'm a boxer gymnast rocket scientist and I'll shove rockets up their goblin asses--Pip

Alex you suck ass even when I'm drunk you suck ass--never tell

What do u get when u cross a bungee cord and a owl?...MY ASS!---Matt

I want more dicklet! That's not enough dicklet for me!---Pearl

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